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  1. I

    What should I brew next?

    Hey guys, I'm new to homebrewing. I have only brewed two extract beers and a couple of experimental wild sodas, ginger beers, and ciders. I'm interested in brewing some more proper beers (I only have the equipment to brew extract recipes for the time being), and I'd love some suggestions for...
  2. C

    Amber Ale With Figs

    Bit of a backstory first. In my very early brewing days about 15 years ago I worked at a hospital that had tons of Brown Turkey fig trees planted around it, with so many fresh figs available I knew I had to brew with them. One day I picked a boatload and made a 5 gallon Fat Tire clone...
  3. Lilum

    Füchschen Alt Clone - First Homebrew Recipe (Feedback appreciated!)

    So, as you can see by the title, this is going to be my first brew. I posted a long while ago here in the forums asking about the difference between batch sparging and decoction mashing (lol). I've since learned that one of these isn't a mashing process, but I digress. ANYWAY, my first post...
  4. elikova

    Help with recipe terms

    Hi guys. I was very successful with my first brew and want to make a nice amber ale recipe. But I need some help deciphering what the terms such as grain, sparge and whatever else is used in the recipe mean. I wanna nail this so please help!! Amber Ale Recipe
  5. lanev

    Odd Flavor from 2nd Keg

    I kegged up my first batch of homebrew which was an amber ale. I have a 1.75-gallon keg and a 2.5-gallon keg. My first keg tasted great, however, my second key has an off flavor that I just can't quite place. It's not terrible but not pleasant either. There was probably a month or a little more...
  6. Jarvo_325

    Carnival Parched Pig Toasted Amber

    Hey All Recently been on another Carnival cruise down here in Aus. Carnival recently launched their own beer called Parched Pig, which are brewed by brew hub. I fell in love with the Toasted Amber Ale, unfortunately they ran out of that one on day 2 of the cruise. You can't get that beer...
  7. chillandbrew

    Brewie Recipes & Tips & Tricks

    Hello everyone, I didn't see a thread about recipes on the Brewie B20 or the Brewie+ so i have created one. If there is already one let me know and i'll delete this. If not then, let's see what everyone's got! I'm mostly into Amber Ales and IPAs. I will brew this weekend the Mango Habanero...
  8. O-Ale-Yeah

    Please critique my recipe

    I am shooting for an non sweet, non hoppy, very full bodied, darkish, flavorful Ale. I like these stats the calculator produced from my ingredients: OG: 1.080 FG: 1.029 ABV 6.78% IBU: 21.54 SRM: 13.88 My Grain Bill: 5 lbs. Wheat 4 lbs. Pilsner Malt 3 lbs. German Dark Munich 2 lbs...
  9. snarf7

    Strong caramel taste to all amber ales

    I've tried extracts as well as partial mash and even tried a whole grain one for kicks. They all seem to have way too much caramel going on, to the point where my wife calls it 'desert beer'. I like some toasted caramel notes in an ale but so far my attempts have wound up all tasting the same...
  10. J

    Greetings from Maryland, USA (A very happy first brew)

    Hello! I want to thank this entire forum first and foremost, as I have referenced many threads for information during my first brew. Brew day and bottle day were both a breeze thanks to all the info available here whenever I ran to Google for help. I'm an engineering student in Uni, bit on the...
  11. C

    Maltodextrin in Amber ale

    Im about to do a 1.5 gallon amber ale brew. How much Maltodextrin should I add? Also at what point?
  12. C

    super simple amber ale extract brew

    Has anyone made a super simple extract amber? I'm wanting to do a 1 gallon batch on the cheap. I was thinking 1 pound of amber dme .2 ounces of cascade hops for 60 minutes and some sort of ale yeast comments?
  13. rhys333

    American Amber Ale Fast Amber, Ragin' Red

    FAST AMBER, RAGIN' RED 76.75% 2 Row - 7.5 lbs 9% Victory - 14 oz 9% C60 (or C40) - 14 oz 4% Flaked barley - 6 oz 1.25% 550L UK Roasted barley - 1.9 oz 0.5 oz Centennial (7.5 aa) @ 60. Adjust to suit your alpha acids! 1 oz Centennial @ 15 & 0 WY 1187 Ringwood The name pretty much describes what...
  14. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Magnum hops substitute

    Hello everyone, I am using Magnum hops as a first addition in my American Amber Ale recipe. My distributor is not going to bring Magnum hops anymore so here are some of the options they have: Bravo Centenial Cascade Sterling Chinook Perle Mandarina Bavaria Hallertau Mittelfruh Do you guys...
  15. rhys333

    American Amber Ale El Diablo Amber Ale

    EL DIABLO AMBER ALE 80% Domestic 2 Row (8.25 lbs) 7% Munich 10 (0.75 lbs) 5% UK pale chocolate 180L (0.5 lbs) 5% Flaked barley (0.5 lbs) 3% UK C120 (0.3 lbs) 1/3 oz Centennial @ 60 (10aa) 1 oz Centennial @ 12 1 oz Hallertauer Trad @ 0 (4 aa) US05 Mash 60 - 75 minutes @ 153F This was an...
  16. BrewersFanBrewer

    Amber Ale Recipe problems

    Hello: I am a new homebrewer and have my 2nd batch fermenting right now. It's an Amber Ale from the brewers best recipe kit. I've only been doing this for 2 weeks and am kind of concerned about this recipe. I think I may have made a mistake in frementing. I used a blowoff tube into a...