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  1. weshammers

    Boiling Pot

    Good morning/evening everyone! Silly question for you.. I am in the process of starting to brew. Have yet to even buy the supplies, however, I have been doing my research and I can't decide on a boiling pot to purchase. Aluminum or stainless steel? My end-goal is to essentially do all-grain...
  2. B

    Possible metal/aluminum poisoning from my brew kettle? Kombucha

    Hey Everyone is just started brewing kombucha and loved it so much i decided to by a 10 gallon brew kettle from amazon Stainless Steel, after i received it. Went through the process of cleaning and sanitation, while doing that i was boiling about 7 gallons of fresh water just to get a thorough...
  3. jbenguinn

    Texas Downsized & Now Home Brew Equipment Must Go

    Hi y'all, We've moved back into an apartment, and I have to give up brewing for a while. I've got a bunch of equipment I need to part ways with. It's priced to sell so we can get rid of it. Photos here: Keggle: $60 15G aluminum kettle: $40 5G...