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  1. Lilum

    Füchschen Alt Clone - First Homebrew Recipe (Feedback appreciated!)

    So, as you can see by the title, this is going to be my first brew. I posted a long while ago here in the forums asking about the difference between batch sparging and decoction mashing (lol). I've since learned that one of these isn't a mashing process, but I digress. ANYWAY, my first post...
  2. D

    Possible stuck fermentation?

    TLDR - Made an altbier, and my FG is too high. Is this a mash or fermenting problem, or something else? I made an altbier a few weeks back, and am now 2 weeks into fermentation. The OG was 1.050, and my FG readings (4 days apart) is at attenuation at 62%, but I was expecting...
  3. BrewersJourney

    Zee Germans are coming! Homebrewing my first German Altbier using K-97

    Link: Zee Germans are coming! Homebrewing my first German Altbier using K-97 First time brewing an Altbier and first time using K-97! Very impressed with the results (of both).
  4. W

    Confused by instructions

    Planning on brewing the Alt.Beer out of "Brewing Classic Styles" and confused by this instruction: "Ferment at 60 degrees F. Allow the beer to lager for at least 4 weeks before bottling." I guess what has me confused is doesn't the lager process normally involve a cold fermentation, the...
  5. O

    The effect of lagering on yeast (altbier)

    I'm planning on brewing an all-grain altbier with ale yeast, but I'm confused when it comes to cold conditioning the beer after two weeks of fermentation at 65 degrees. I was planning on putting the fermentor in the fridge for a month, but wouldn't this cause the yeast to precipitate to the...