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  1. Schmitzter

    Zymatic Picobrew

    Lightly used. Prefer local sale or buyer pays for shipping. Willing to deliver to Louisville or Cincinnati for a small fee. PicoBrew Zymatic® is the world's first all-grain, compact, beer-brewing appliance that makes it easy and efficient to create commercial-quality craft beer with...
  2. F

    Lazy-gyle brewing

    Greetings, fellow fermentation tricksters. I brought my brewing habits to a halt due to lack of time, as I saw spending 5-6 hours on brew day for 5 gals of beer to be not worth it. On one hand I love sharing my beer, but on the other I also love to drink beer. An epiphany came by and I...
  3. K

    10 Gallon total home brew setup

    Asking $500 OBO 10 Gallon all grain home brew setup. This is my system that I have pieced together over the past 8 years. Complete with converted keg kettle (with volume sight glass, thermometer, and ball valve) and "Gatorade" coolers for mash tun and hot liquor tank with external temp probe...
  4. C

    Sediment in primary

    Hey Everyone, I’m on my second brew ever and I just pitched yeast in the primary fermenter about an hour ago. I realized shortly after that I forgot to strain out sediment before I put it into the primary, and it already looks like there’s a thick layer of sediment building (about a third of...
  5. N

    Where do I get Co2 tank refilled or swaped?

    Hello, I Live in Addison IL, 60101. Does anyone know a reasonably priced place to get C02 to fill my homebrew keg?? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!