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  1. tjz827

    For Sale Brand New Grainfather G30 Version 3 - 110V

    Brand new in box Grainfather G30 Version 3. This is the new model with the rolled steel mash plate and updated mash basket that doesn’t have the center pipework. I received this as a warranty replacement from Grainfather after I encountered the melted plug issue on my old unit. Not trying to get...
  2. T

    Pennsylvania New Grainfather Connect w/ graincoat, micro pipes, hop spider, whirlpool attachment

    Asking $975, local pickup only in PA, 18011. This is a brand new Grainfather Connect that I took out of the box, but just sat aside and never used.... Had a kid, need I say more? All the accessories are brand new as well (no boxes though). Nothing has even been cleaned. Items included...
  3. B

    To those who have added an all-in-one as a *second* brew system...

    I'm an outdoor propane brewer, but I'm thinking of adding an all-in-one system (most likely the Anvil Foundry) to allow me to brew when the weather is bad / too cold / too hot, as well as maybe sneak in some weeknight batches. How do you guys like having one of these as a second / backup...
  4. BarleyBeaver[BANNED]

    Fermentasaurus, Now on Canuck!

    Now on Canuck Homebrew Supply, the Fermentasaurus by Oxebar! Ferment, Keg, and Dispense, all from the same vessel! It even has a convenient bottle attachment for removing trub and sediment, and a float ball, so you'll always be serving from the top of the vessel!