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  1. D

    I made a Raw Ale, No boil beer with no hops until dry hopping.

    Heres my video off my raw ale: Anyone else made or hade a raw ale before?
  2. K

    First-time Lager Mystery WTF

    This is my first attempt at an all-grain temperature-controlled fermentation lager. It's a very simple recipe for 11 pounds of Pils, Saaz hops, and Bohemian Lager (2124) liquid yeast. After to 60-minute boil, I cooled the wort down to about 70 using my immersion wort chiller, then siphoned to...
  3. G

    $100 All Grain System

    Atlanta Area Everything you need to step up to all grain brewing including: - 10 gallon mash tun - 10 gallon SS Wimco pot with heat distribution - 6.5 gallon glass fermenter (the thick ones they used to make) - 5.0 gallon glass secondary (thick one) - Bayou Classic burner with regulator and...
  4. F

    Texas 10 Gallon All Grain Brewing Rig - Black Friday Special

    10 gallon all grain brewing rig. 3 16 gallon keggles + 2 pumps + 2 propane burners + locking silicone tubing - everything works great. $500 must go, hasn't been used and wife wants to reclaim garage space :) Tons of other supporting equipment available as well, too much to list or include in...
  5. B

    North Carolina Gas Herms / Brutus 15 / kegs

    I haven't brewed in a few years, and I need to clean out the garage. Price is rock bottom. The main piece in the picture is a Brutus 15 "like" system (minus solenoids). I had the cart professionally built and has dual 10" banjo burners controlled by individual regulators (red handles). The two...
  6. JGF

    Help with a simple setup

    I've been brewing - on and off depending upon free time and where I've lived - for 25 years so. I started with extract many years ago and have done all grain for about 15 years. Brewed sub-4% beers to about a 13% barely wine. Done a few sours, parti-gyles, multi-step mashes, etc. So, I'm no...
  7. Bigsmooth

    Tippy Dump XL Oregon

    I’m selling my 5 years new tippy. Used to brew 6 beers and virtually new. Upgraded to XL to make HG Imperial stouts. Runs on propane and depending on beer style you can get 4 brew sessions on a tank. Great fully automated system. Will come with plenty of extras like extra pumps, hoses and...
  8. F

    Texas 3 Keggle All Grain Brew Rig

    3 Keggle all grain brewing rig + hoses and quick connects. The rig has two burners and two pumps and is perfect for brewing 10 gallon batches. Everything is in working order and it's ready to start cranking out beer immediately. Asking $1000.
  9. DanMalleck

    Back in the saddle—but with old grains. Should I dump them?

    I haven’t brewed for over two years due to renovation and general lethargy. But I’m back at it. I brewed a gluten free for my gf and it was based in rice syrup so didn’t need to deal with grains. But, now I’m ready to hit the all grain. I have a lot of unmilled grain that has been sealed...
  10. F

    Texas Turn Key All Grain Setup

    Everything that you need to begin brewing some serious all grain recipes. 3 keg system for brewing up to 10 gallon recipes. Check out the pics and you'll see there is an extensive amount of equipment included. 5 6 gallon plastic fermenters, 2 CO2 bottles with regulators, grain grinder...
  11. HomeBrewMasterRace

    All Grain BIAB

    I'm interesting in doing a 5 Gallon Batch of a hefeweizen. I just bought the grain as well a brewing bag to clamp over the sides. I know i need to not tie it off and clamp it so i can stir to avoid clumps. My question needs a little background I only have a 5 gallon kettle, If i was to make the...
  12. C

    Sediment in primary

    Hey Everyone, I’m on my second brew ever and I just pitched yeast in the primary fermenter about an hour ago. I realized shortly after that I forgot to strain out sediment before I put it into the primary, and it already looks like there’s a thick layer of sediment building (about a third of...
  13. b13bs

    Brew pot larger than burner

    I am upgrading my equipment from extract to 5 gal all-grain. I will use a propane burner but I wonder if a specific kettle is too big for it. My propane burner is Martin R65 and is 16" diameter. The kettle that I'm looking to buy has a outer diameter of 17.7". So, my kettle would be larger...
  14. stone1ipa

    Transition from Extract to All Grain- Equipment recommendations

    Hey guys.....I'm taking the leap from extract brewing to All Grain and I'm torn on what equipment to buy. I don't know whether to buy the traditional all grain kits or simply jump up to more sophisticated equipment such as Brewers Edge Mash kits or the Grainfather. Another option would be to...
  15. Paulusatp

    My Electric All Grain Brewery!

    Hello all: Please watch this YouTube video of my all grain brewery, and subscribe... more to come.