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  1. B

    Temperature Control for American Amber Ale

    Hello all, Am making an American amber ale from the Brewing Classic Styles recipe book. The recipe calls for fermentation at 67F/19C, but can anyone tell me if there are temperature step increases/decreases for ale fermentation like there are for lagers? Or is it a simple 67F until...
  2. nreed

    Help with gravity readings

    Hi all, I've just started reading my gravity a few brews in and I just want to make sure I'm reading things correctly. I use a refractometer which only shows Brix so have been using the BeerSmith conversion tool. My OG came up quite short at 10 brix - I also used a hydrometer to confim which...
  3. nreed

    Will adding Gypsum improve the Hop character in my beers?

    Hi all. I'm just started drinking my 4th brew which was a SMaSH with Maris Otter and Mosaic. I'm really happy with the results after having to toss my 3rd batch for some really off-medinal flavours. A mix of building a fermentation chamber to keep my temps level and using camden tablets seems...
  4. D

    Cucumber mint saison recipe—help?

    Given that summertime is upon us, i have decided to throw together a nice refreshing saison, but seeing as I have never made my own before, I would like some help with the recipe(also any opinions or suggestions are very welcomed). I am putting together a cucumber mint saison. Here is the...
  5. A

    How to Brew A Crowd Pleaser

    We have all been there. There is an event coming up that you want, or have been asked, to brew a beer for, and you want to brew up something that sets itself apart from the light lagers that so many are fond of while remaining accessible to those same light lager drinkers. It is a delicate...
  6. M

    Food & Brew Pairing #1: Pan Seared Salmon with American Wheat Ale

    Pan Seared Salmon with American Wheat Ale Hello, my name is Matt O'Reilly and I'm a HOMEBREW ENTHUSIAST! I have been brewing for a little over a year, but I have been drinking beer for a little over 15 years. Of those 15 years, 8 of them have been spent pursuing new (to me, or otherwise) beers...
  7. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft - What To Brew?

    You just had a party, some friends came over and you shared your latest batch of homebrew with them. Suddenly someone lets you know the keg's been kicked. You realize how busy your schedule is but you're going to have to brew another batch of beer and soon. It's happened to all of us at some...
  8. D

    A Marriage Of Beer And Mead: Braggots

    A Marriage of Beer and Mead: Braggots Crisp, malty, and maybe hoppy beer; combined with aromatic, bright floral honey. Add a bit of carbonation (or maybe not) and what do you get? A braggot. A braggot is a type of mead that also uses brewing ingredients like hops, malt, or both. They are...
  9. Gallagher1424

    What style is this?

    Hello fellow brewer's, I originally wanted to make a Irish Red Ale. But decided really wanted to bump up the Vienna malt in the grain bill since I really enjoy the flavor Vienna has to offer. This is what I came up with. I'm wondering if any of you have any input on what style this would...
  10. A

    Questions about using Coopers beer kit

    Gday all, I am a massive fan of apfelwine, and has been the main thing I've been brewing with much success. I'm a sucker for punishment though, so I decided to branch out and dip my toes into beer brewing. I bought a Coopers dark ale kit from my local store, and I think the instructions must...
  11. leskohomebrews

    Danger in leaving brew in fermenter for extra time after it's done?

    I'm currently out of town but have a batch of ale in the fermenter. Is there any danger in ruining my brew if I leave it in the fermenter for days after it's done fermenting? Off flavors, etc? Happy Thanksgiving :cask:
  12. leskohomebrews

    Adding orange peel to hefeweizen

    I like the idea of adding orange peel to my hefeweizen, but how and when is the best way?
  13. M

    Hazelnut extract options?

    Fall is coming!!! I'm looking to make a Hazelnut Brown Ale, but almost every Hazelnut extract I come across has terrible reviews. Can anyone recommend a brand/amount to use? I've used vanilla extract many times, but I don't know if the two are comparable in the amount used. As always, thank you!
  14. okiedog

    Some of my ales not clearing

    Lately I've noticed that my ales don't clear up like they used too. I can use gelatin in the keg, but sometimes they still have a very slight haze. My process has not changed, but I do pitch from slurry, and I'm thinking it is time to replace some of my yeasts. I leave my ales in primary for...
  15. snarf7

    Combining Ale and Lager yeasts in a single brew

    Anyone ever tried something like this? Once you dropped below a certain temp the ale yeast would go mostly dormant and the lager yeast would take over. Not sure if pitching them at the same time or pitch the ale yeast first at 65 then drop to 50 and pitch lager yeast?
  16. webtopf

    Bottling or leaving it for another month?

    Hey everyone. I'm in a bit of a difficult spot right now. I am going on vacation tomorrow for a month. My plan was to bottle my beer today to have it ready to drink when I come back. But yesterday I found out that the fermentation is still not done after two weeks. OG 1.040, last reading 1.019...
  17. A

    Adding fireball to an apple cinnamon wheat ale?

    So I am brewing an apple cinnamon wheat ale next. And I was wondering if anyone knows if fireball would be good in it? If so how much should I add? Also if i do add it. Should i do it before the primary fermenting? Or before secondary?
  18. snarf7

    Help me concoct a fine ale

    I'm a novice at this but what I'd like to do is try multiple small batches (i have a small kit so that limits me anyway) so I can experiment and see what works and what doesn't. I grow my own hops and this is year 2 (last year I gave em away to a friend, i had no time to try them sadly) and I...
  19. abdominousabel

    Lactose for milk stout

    So right when I was ready to give up on stouts. I tried Guinness dry stout, a peanut butter milk stout (too overwhelming in my opinion) I didn’t want to be spending money on beers I’m forcing myself to like (because I want to like at least one beer per style). I found Garage brewery Marshmallow...
  20. O

    Bottling in Tropical Country

    Hi Everyone, I live in Singapore. Over there the ambient temperature is fairly constant at around 27deg C. I am currently finishing to brew a Californian Pale Ale (It was a close of Sierra Nevada pale ale, using Whitelab yeast). My fermentation temperature has been 22deg C. Also I am not very...