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  1. B

    Temperature Control for American Amber Ale

    Hello all, Am making an American amber ale from the Brewing Classic Styles recipe book. The recipe calls for fermentation at 67F/19C, but can anyone tell me if there are temperature step increases/decreases for ale fermentation like there are for lagers? Or is it a simple 67F until...
  2. A

    Brewline brand yeasts

    I've got three 100g sample bricks of their ale yeasts at the exhibition and I wonder if anyone have ever used them. I couldn't find any other source of info about them besides their website.
  3. Nubiwan

    Apfel wine or cider with beer/Ale trub?

    Almost certain I read a post on here where someone claimed they simply poured 5 gallons of 100% apple juice over the trub from an ale they just bottled in order to make an Apfel Wine. I tried to search the same post again, but have been unable to find it. So, my questions is obviously, does...