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  1. willbrown1020

    What does it mean to aerate?

    What does it mean to aerate? Does it mean to open the container or to stir? If it’s stir then how gently? I’m following a mead recipe and it calls for aeration
  2. D

    How to control alcohol and have good carbonation?

    So i have been practicing home style kombucha brewing from last 3 years and finally decided to move into more commercial aspect of business. However, i found out that to be in non-alcoholic segment of market, i need to have less than 0.5% alcohol in my product, which i couldn't control with...
  3. S

    Estimated ABV for sugar measurement?

    Hello guys. I don't have hydrometer yet so i have no initial OG reading. I've ordered one but obviously for this brew i won't get initial reading. I'm not looking for specific number but ball park, what would be estimated alcohol content of Best choice apple juice with added 1 1/4 lbs of white...
  4. B

    Kombucha Commercial Brewery Alcohol problem

    Hi, I am a Kombucha brewer that provides 4 different flavoured Kombucha products for Food stores throughout South Africa. I have no background in actual food science so my knowledge regarding live organisms and interactions with each other is limited to the internet. Firstly- Primary...
  5. K

    We created a ridiculous spreadsheet for Wort Correction - Feel free to poke holes in it

    Hello all, My brewing friends and I created a spreadsheet originally intended to calculate ABV while accounting for a Wort Correction Factor based on Hydrometer and Refractometer readings. We've been using it successfully for a few brew sessions now, and I figured it might be a good idea to...
  6. Wil Prim

    Calculate Alcohol after adding puree

    I added around 3lbs of apricot puree to a new carboy and put roughly half of my 4.5 gallon batch of beer into that carboy. How could I calculate the alc for this? Thanks!
  7. J

    Slime like substance rising from the sediment at the bottom. Is this an infection?

    I have some strange slime like substance in my homebrew mead that sometimes rises from the yeast sediment at the bottom. Sometimes, the slime brings some of the sediment up with it and some of the slime stays at the top. Is this an infection or anything else I should worry about? Would my mead...
  8. E

    cider with zero alcohol

    Hello, i started with 1 gallon of apple juice (no sulfates or preservatives) batch of apple juice and measured the initial alcohol percentage (0.0%) using a brewcraft beer and wine hydrometer in a graduated cylinder. so I added 2 cups of granulated white sugar with a package of Red Star...