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  1. 10ACbrew

    Counterflow Chiller Questions

    Hi, I recently switched to a counterflow chiller from IC. I use a March pump located on the bottom of my brew stand which goes to the CFC which is positioned on the stand with wort out at same level as Whirlpool port on kettle. So, the cycle is Kettle to Pump to CFC back to Whirlpool arm of...
  2. C

    Blow off or airlock

    can I continue to use a blowoff tube for my beer or do I need to replace it after fermentation settles down?
  3. Schwabizzle

    Fermentation Blow Up

    Okay, so this is the first time this has happened to me, so I wanted to see what ya'll think. I brewed a honey wheat yesterday and placed it in the brew closet to start fermenting. Fermentation started quickly, and before I went to bed everything was chugging along nicely. I woke up this...
  4. Bobcat

    Question about primary fermentation.

    Hey folks! First I just wanted to say thanks to all the people out there that put time into helping others with their home brewing questions! I've gained a lot of knowledge just from reading the forum posts, but now I have a question that I can't quite find the answer to. (I'm pretty new to all...
  5. SleepyCreekBrews

    Blow off tube best practices

    You should use a tube large enough to carry the foam/hops without clogging. You should use a container capable of holding all the FOAM that may come out of the fermenter (generally 1/2 -1 gal) for a 5-10 gal batch. After all, we have a really active ferment too vigorous for a regular airlock...
  6. thisissami

    Leaving container covered with solely a towel for first bit of cider fermentation?

    Hi All - I read an article recently where the author said that he likes to cover his cider bucket with a towel for the first couple days of fermentation, as letting air get in helps the yeast strengthen in the beginning of the process. After this, he switches to the standard airlock system as...
  7. mwilliams72707


    I went to bottle my beer today and noticed that there is mold in the airlock... I used vodka in my airlock and there isn't any mold that I can see growing in my beer. It's currently in a Better Bottle Carboy and I'm not sure if I should go ahead a bottle it... I don't want to bottle it and wait...