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  1. EmptyGingerman

    Can I keep my brew in plastic for multiple months?

    I am making cheap closet wine, the taste here is unimportant, all that matters is that it has alcohol and that it's safe to drink, once the fermentation is complete, can I keep the brew inside the plastic bottle in which it was made? ideally for months
  2. W

    Possibly soured mead?

    Good morning! I made a batch of mead last year February, it had been my fourth batch so far so I felt real confident in its quality. After the fermentation process was complete, and we sampled it, we knew hit the lotto. We decided the best thing for it was to age it to make it that much better...
  3. kevcruse96

    Secondary fermentation for more than 6 months

    I started secondary fermentation for 2 gallons of cider (just transferred to two cleaned, sterilized gallon jugs) after around 3.5 weeks of primary fermentation. They have been sitting in secondary fermentation for around 7 months now… I like funkiness and had heard that aging for longer will...
  4. benbrewing

    Clarity before bottling for long term aging?

    Hi folks, Nice to meet people here, I am brand new here but have been experimenting with meads for about 10 years. How important do people think it is to let the carboy get totally or very clear before bottling? I have bottled recently some fairly clear to very clear ciders and I still see some...
  5. S

    Apple brandy/calvados

    I’ve just successfully distilled some cider into apple brandy, and am wondering if anyone had recommendations for next steps. I’m planning to leave half raw and attempt to oak/age the rest into pseudo calvados, using charred oak cubes/strips/something in mason jars. Has anyone done this...
  6. N

    Aging with rare woods

    A while back I got into the idea of using non-standard, or even rare, woods to age/mature whiskey. The foray that put a pause on that was pawpaw wood, which has acetogens and can be pretty doggone deadly. I want to try acacia confusa wood (because, ya know, fun to try) but my big question is...
  7. S

    First time with 55 gal barrel fermenter

    My neighbor and I got access to a press this year so decided to step up our game from 5-gallon carboys to a 55-gallon plastic barrel (plus a few carboys on the side). Any tips or landmines I should watch out for? My first concern is whether to rack. Previously I've racked the cider off the...
  8. Golddiggie

    For Sale One 25L (6.6 gallon) keg for aging/fermenting/small keggle

    Selling off the two one 25L keg I bought new around 2011. I had a ball lock base TIG welded into each of them for use with a gas post. This was to allow for CO2 push transfers. Can also be used to connect a spunding valve (or blowoff hose) if desired. The kegs come as pictured. These could also...
  9. W

    Hop long would a Rowan berry mead keep?

    Hey everyone, New to forum life so forgive any ignorance. So I have been brewing mead exclusively for about 4 years now. Improving and experimenting with every new batch. My son Rowan’s first birthday is in a few weeks and I wanted to brew a Rowan berry batch of mead to drink on his legal...
  10. C

    Science on Tap: Temperature

    Science on Tap: Effects of Temperature on Beer Aging Follow link to Part 1: Science on Tap: Into the the Science of Beer Aging Follow link to Part 2: Science of Tap: Styles meant for Aging Over the course of the last two installments of Science on Tap, we have discussed, in general, the practice...
  11. C

    Science on Tap - The Science of Beer Aging - Styles

    Link back to Science on Tap part 1: Introduction to the science of beer aging. We have all heard the rules for selecting a beer for aging: high ABV and low hops, dark-colored, imperial, etc. Really though, you can choose to age any beer. But why do some beers deteriorate deliciously while others...
  12. C

    Science on Tap - Introduction to the Science of Beer Aging

    Science on Tap: Introduction to the Science of Beer Aging Aging a beer is a test of patience. You planned and brewed the perfect beer for aging, but how do you know if the flavors will become more rounded or if they will become dull and muddy? Twelve months later, your big spiced chocolate...
  13. D

    The Greater Culture: Salting, Brining and Aging Cheese

    The Greater Culture: Salting, Brining and Aging Cheeses Part 1 (starting equipment, basic processes, making cheese curds): The HBT Cheese Forum: Before we get too far into more...
  14. DanInSydney

    How time affects your brew

    I recently finished my first batch of Original Bitter and was really happy with how it turned out! I knew bottle conditioning would have an impact, but was pleasantly surprised at how much better it was vs prior going into the bottle. I keep seeing people on the forums saying the longer you...
  15. Mizamook

    Advice Request: Russian Imperial Stout slow finish and Oak Aging

    Hallo! This might be my first post. But I've been enjoying your help while lurking in the shadows, so thanks! I've got me here one 5-gallon batch of Russian Imperial Stout, namely "Bear Chested Putin" extract/partial mash kit from Home Brew Stuff (my favorite supplier "brewing enabler"...
  16. P

    Aging Cider at higher temperatures

    I live in Georgia and during the peak apple season it is still pretty hot here. We have a 7.0 cubic foot chest freezer that we use as our fermentation chamber, but it only holds two 6 gallon buckets/carboys at a time. Since I'm also brewing beer, that means juggling the primary and secondary...
  17. pharaohpierre

    Aging Belgian Dubbel in my basement

    I brewed a Belgian Dubbel, however I tried it after fermentation and it tasted a bit thin. Either way I fermented for about 3 weeks and now I have kegged the beer. I want to condition the beer in the keg for about 2 or 3 months. So I have two questions. The first is what temperature should I...
  18. NWOKBrewer

    Oak Barrel Aging Question

    First time post...apologies if this isn't the correct area. I didn't see any section for aging, so I thought I'd drop it in here. I recieved an Oak Barrel from a friend at a local brewery in OKC. The brewery used it once to age one of their seasonal beers. I've had it for a few months in my...
  19. L

    Best aging temp vs Max aging temp

    Hello all, Sorry if this has been answered but having a hard time finding the answer to my question... I live overseas and will be returning to the U.S. for 2 months in the month of July-August, hot months. I was wanting to do a few batches of different style beers to the let them age while we...
  20. FenoMeno

    Will oak flavor dissipate with age?

    I've made a Firestone Walker Double Barrel ale. I just kegged and tasted the beer. It had a pleasant taste, but definitely too oakey for my liking. I used the medium toast chips per the recipe (morebeer kit). The chips went into the conical five days before the end of secondary. However...