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    Aging Beer & Dry hoppings

    Hi, I have stumbled on a scotch ale recipe in Craft Beer & Brewing magazine. It’s a big beer with an ABV of 13%. The recipe calls for a 6 to 12 months aging in keg and the beer is aged on whole hops all that time. I don’t have easy access to whole hop cones and I was wondering if pellet hops...
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    What Cellaring Does for Your Beer

    Wine aficionados have always been passionate about the vintage of their bottles. They often say “it was a good year,” or talk about how many years the bottle has been aged. Some people are compulsive enough to only store bottles on their sides, in a temperature and humidity controlled fridge...
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    Vertical Tasting...It's a Thing

    Can drinking three beers with a friend be a huge event that was years in the making? Recently this was the case. A friend and I got together to have a few bottles of Firestone Walker Parabola, which is a bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial stout (mouthful ain't it? The taste is even more so...
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    Cellaring Beer, A Gamble Definitely Worth Taking

    Photo by Miguel Rivas "It's a lot better to gamble on beer in a trusted cellar... some people will tell you they have a cellar and it's really just a room with a window that shines sun directly on their bottles." Benjamin Weiss The Bruery If you are going to start cellaring beer, it's best to...