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  1. A

    Looking for information on how historical English Porters were aged.

    Recently I was researching Rodenbach and found some interesting information on English Porters. Quoted below: (Source: Brewery Rodenbach: Brewing Sour Ales) Since then, I've really been wondering what it is that would have been special about the old ale. Presumably with age would come...
  2. asg816

    Any Experience Aging Holiday Ales?

    So…. I brewed a holiday ale this season & I bottled quite a bit more than I can drink in a reasonable time. I’ve read some mixed things about the shelf life of ales, so I’m wondering if anyone has had any (good and/or bad) experience aging their ales for longer than say…. 4 to 12 months. Mine is...
  3. jameswatsonuk

    Dry Hopping Options in a Borderline Imperial Stout

    Hi folks, new to the HBT but used it for casual reference over the years in my hi 😅 Ok so I’ve brewed a couple of batches to use up some old malt and hops that’ve been hanging around a little longer than they should (leftover ingredients bought during lockdown of 2020, so yeah, a...
  4. P

    Aging Beer & Dry hoppings

    Hi, I have stumbled on a scotch ale recipe in Craft Beer & Brewing magazine. It’s a big beer with an ABV of 13%. The recipe calls for a 6 to 12 months aging in keg and the beer is aged on whole hops all that time. I don’t have easy access to whole hop cones and I was wondering if pellet hops...
  5. M

    What Cellaring Does for Your Beer

    Wine aficionados have always been passionate about the vintage of their bottles. They often say “it was a good year,” or talk about how many years the bottle has been aged. Some people are compulsive enough to only store bottles on their sides, in a temperature and humidity controlled fridge...
  6. J

    Vertical Tasting...It's a Thing

    Can drinking three beers with a friend be a huge event that was years in the making? Recently this was the case. A friend and I got together to have a few bottles of Firestone Walker Parabola, which is a bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial stout (mouthful ain't it? The taste is even more so...
  7. L

    Cellaring Beer, A Gamble Definitely Worth Taking

    Photo by Miguel Rivas "It's a lot better to gamble on beer in a trusted cellar... some people will tell you they have a cellar and it's really just a room with a window that shines sun directly on their bottles." Benjamin Weiss The Bruery If you are going to start cellaring beer, it's best to...