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  1. M

    Flanders Red and Ageing

    Hello all - I have a Flanders red that has been in primary for about 10 weeks now. I have a strong looking pellicle in my fermenter right now, and my gravity is down to 1.004. My question is at what point can I/should I transfer over to a keg for bulk ageing. Currently it is in a PET carboy so...
  2. NathanYearout

    Didn't Know I Needed a Two-Stage Fermentation.

    Hello, as the title says. I was following a recipe from beersmith. I don't use beersmith typically and I'm new and neglected to click on the fermentation part. I didn't know I needed to transfer the batch to a new carboy to finish the fermentation, and also didn't see that it says "age 30 days."...
  3. snarf7

    Lifetime of kegged beer?

    I've read some conflicting information on this so I'm after the straight dope. What affects the viable lifetime of a keg? Obviously hop aroma is a big factor, if you've got an IPA or other hop forward beer, you want to drink it within 90 days if you can so you don't lose too much of the hop...
  4. LazyPBar

    carlo rossi bottles to store mead?

    hey guys i am wanting to brew some mead soon and unfortunately we dont drink much wine, so no corkable bottles, however we do have quite a few one gallon carlo rossi jugs sitting around that we use for bbq basting. would these work with their regular screw cap to age mead in?:confused: