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  1. J

    Can any ex-macro beer workers shed some light into how the maco beers are made?

    As of late for some reason I have become obsessed with Adjunct Lagers, and I have found a plethora of great information. However, very few information into how the actual beers produced in ABinBev, Heineken and Molson Coors are made. I know that due to trade secrets and those corporations...
  2. luis.salas

    Unmalted grains: where to buy them?

    Common grains, sold in the supermarket, work well for brewing with unmalted grains/adjuncts? Or those sold in brewery stores have something special? Thanks!
  3. jayjay

    Need quick advice adjuncts effect on priming sugar quantity

    Hi I am about to bottle my first milk stout in which i will be adding a tincture of roasted cacao nibs and vanilla beans to the bottling bucket right before bottling. However i am in doubt as to whether the sugar contents of the adjuncts would mess up the usual priming sugar quantity and...
  4. P

    Abnormal's Adjunct-Ready Imperial Stout Recipe

    This will be my first attempt so do a big stout in a BIAB. Do you think this is being overzealous. I have posted the recipe. Has anyone tried this? Any tips, words of wisdom, alternatives are appreciated? ALL-GRAIN Batch size: 5 gallons (19 liters) Brewhouse efficiency: 59% OG: 1.110 FG...
  5. H

    Coconut , cinnamon

    Recently I brewed OG 1.138 , 20 liters of Imperial Stout. After the fermentation is over, I'm going to put a toasted coconut and a cinnamon stick in here. I'm going to put 800 grams of toasted coconut and 4 sticks of cinnamon. Is that too much? Have a nice day :)
  6. Bubbles2

    Roselle as an adjunct

    Anyone try using Roselle as an adjunct? I just tried it adding 2oz last 5 min of boil and steep till cool down. Pitched yeast as usual and now on the 2nd day and really moving slow as far as yeast activity. Wondering if that is indicative of Roselle add? Maybe there is an unwanted oil or...