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  1. Willy

    Nema 10-30P to Nema 6-30R, brewing 220 off the dryer plug

    For a while, I was just doing BIAB in a big brew kettle, but finally got the 220v Brewzilla Gen 4!!! Great but no 220 receptacles yet (electrician coming soon). So I picked up an adapter plug to pull 220 off the dryer plug. Yeah... Kind of a pain to get it all plugged in, but making beer is a...
  2. B

    Easy Wide Mouth Bubbler Modification

    Hello all, thought I would post a quick write up and a couple pics of my new favorite fermenter. A mash up of two popular designs. I had been using the better bottles with racking adapter and valve for many batches. If you haven't used the racking adapters/valves before they are great, as...
  3. W

    Corney Keg Sanke Adapter?

    I have a friend who has Sanke Couplers for his kegerator lines, but is interested in having one of my beers on tap. (Home bar, no legality issues) I keg in ball lock corny kegs. Does anyone know of an adapter/lid/way that we can make this work, short of replacing a beer and gas line with corny...
  4. snarf7

    Looking for quality ball lock - coupler adapters

    I tried these off amazon: Awful. Leaks, leaks, leaks, either on the beer side or on the gas side. But they're insidious because they're very slow and hard to detect until it's too late and you've got a mess...