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  1. Trey Ark

    Rhubarb Wine, Yeast Problem

    Hey guys, Last night I created 4 one gallon brews. Pomegranate Wine, Strawberry Mead, Blackberry Mead, and Rhubarb Wine. I evenly split up the packet of yeast I had that states it could be used to pitch up to 6 gallons. I prepared the yeast in room temperature spring water and pitched the wine...
  2. C

    Why Does Everyone Say Not to Use Metal with Kombucha?

    I have heard this repeated over and over since the early 1990's and I have always wondered why you shouldn't use metal and whether people are talking about specific types of metal like iron, instead of stainless steel. The reason I say this is because I have seen several videos of companies that...
  3. beervoid

    Post fermentation PH and water softness?

    So I've had one of my beers come out with a pretty low PH post fermentation. I adjust my beer down with phosphoric acid so that it goes into the fermenter with a PH of around 5.0 Typical range I usually end up in would be around 4.3 PH but this particular batch fermented with Gy054 went down to...
  4. olie

    How to get carbonic acid taste out of my stout?

    So, I made a stout that I really enjoy, sort of. I was great after fermentation, and I was really excited but, on carbonation (admittedly, a tad too much), it took on a strong carbonic-acid (like seltzer water) taste. The foam is still really good -- lots of dark, slightly chocolaty stout...
  5. K

    Help! Unusual pH drop on Weissbier

    Greetings! I've been having some trouble when brewing Weissbier. Been cooking up 20 L batches of weissbier with a pH after boiling of around 5.2. Pitching one 11.5 g pack of Fermentis WB-06 at 16°C, oxygenating for 2 minutes at 4L/min and fermenting at 20°C. Unfortunately, I end up with a pH...
  6. C

    pH testing

    I am wanting to test the pH of my wine that i am making. As i am new and a poor college kid, could i by a pool testing kit and use that to check the acidity of my wine? Thanks in advance, Chip