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  1. D

    Lowering acids in cider

    Hello. This is my first post after being a long time reader. I am about to embark on my first homebrew cider. It will be a bone dry apple cider made with champagne yeast. I have not yet decided if I will add corn sugar. After lots of research I believe that the acidifying agents (i.e. the...
  2. M

    Clarifying with acid?

    New mazer here brewing my first batch of mead. Yesterday I added an acid blend (North Mountain; 50% malic, 40% citric, and 10% tartaric) to my carboy. After experimenting with the flavor, I ended up adding 14.5 tsp to a carboy with approximately 5.5 gallons of mead. When checking on the carboy...
  3. jayjay

    Chemipro San and/or Chemipro Acid - any good?

    Hi Unfortunately i live in europe and haven't got access to the seemingly amazing Star San so i am looking for an alternative Have anybody got experience with Chemipro san or Chemipro Acid, and can these work as potential substitutes for star san? Cheers
  4. N

    It's got no flavor

    I finally drew samples to test two ciders that had fermented out all the way. They are not the oldest batches but they are the clearest and with the least amount of lees. I had my friend and my mother try it in addition to myself and the consensus was.... no real flavor. It wasn't an issue...
  5. A

    Wort too acidic. How to PH up?

    Hi I'm new here. Accidentally I put too much LACTIC ACID on my wort. Already boied. It has a ph of 3.1. I need to bring it up to around 4. How can I do this? It's a witbier sour beer. 24 litres. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
  6. J Trott

    Acidic Concentrate and Yeast Survival Question

    This is my first post and I am a definite newbie. I have only made a couple successful, extremely basic, batches of white and red wine from 100% juice, sugar and yeast. I want to experiment with more acidic juices similar to the “skeeter pee.” From what I have read, I am going to try to pitch...
  7. V

    Post Fermentation Acid Correction (Graff)

    I made some Graff recently with half Bavarian Wheat DME and half apple juice (same I always use for cider). Its very wheaty which is great, but there is a little bit of astringency. The only thing I can think of causing it is I typically add an acid blend when I am just doing cider which I...
  8. U

    Ascorbic Acid Super Oxidizer?

    I've read on a previous thread here that supposedly ascorbic acid by itself can become a super oxidizer instead of an antioxidant. But I've used it by itself and never noticed an issue. And noticed many food items using it as a preservative by itself with no MS. And I know metabisulfate is good...
  9. frankvw

    Comparing acid additions between BIAB and traditional mash/sparge

    I did my first BIAB batch last week. So far I've been using the classic three vessel setup (HLT, mash tun, kettle) with good results, but I decided to give BIAB a try just to see if it's all it's cracked up to be. I brewed a simple blonde ale to start with. So far my experiences seem to confirm...
  10. Kent88

    Acidifying Mead(/pyment)

    So I have a pyment I made from 6lbs of honey, a 1-gallon red wine kit, and the White Labs sweet mead strain. I think the gravity is stable now (I used some yeast nutrient and it has been sitting for a few months, will be taking a gravity reading soon). When I transfered to secondary it tasted a...
  11. Breuckelen

    Anyone know?

    Does anyone know the outside diameter of a glass, 6.5 gallon acid carboy in inches? These are the only ones to my knowledge with smooth sides (unlike the ridged Italian 6 gallon jobs). I plan to buy one by need to be sure everything fits in my fermentation set-up. Any help is greatly appreciated!