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  1. Gregory T

    Weird Water PH Experience

    How I got a 3.35 mash PH reading I brewed a Belgian Blonde yesterday 10 lb German - Extra Pale Premium Pilsner Malt 38 1.5 75.5% 1 lb German - Vienna 37 4 7.5% 0.5 lb Belgian - Biscuit 35 23 3.8% 0.25 lb German - Melanoidin 37 25 1.9% 1 lb Cane Sugar - boil 1 lb flaked barley 9.25 Gallon...
  2. kh54s10

    pH tested, no adjustments necessary?

    After 8 years of quite successful brewing with just tap water and no pH measuring, I got a R/O system and pH meter. I believe that I calibrated the meter correctly. My question is - Beersmith predicted that I would have a mash pH of 5.63 and gave 1.05 ml lactic acid for a target of 5.2. I...
  3. V

    Post Fermentation Acid Correction (Graff)

    I made some Graff recently with half Bavarian Wheat DME and half apple juice (same I always use for cider). Its very wheaty which is great, but there is a little bit of astringency. The only thing I can think of causing it is I typically add an acid blend when I am just doing cider which I...
  4. F

    Beersmith pH Adjustment Adding Tons of Acid

    Hello fellow brewers, I've been dipping my toes into water chemistry lately and had some issues with the calculators out there. I have had no issues with determining which salts to add to hit a certain profile in Beersmith or Bru'n Water. However, it's the pH adjustment that's been giving me...