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  1. D


    So I recently had a lid crack and did not notice for about 24 hours. My mead now has a bit of oxidation and vinegar going on. I plan to fractional freeze, if I freeze low enough to freeze the acetic acid can I get enough of the vinegar out or will the acetobacter keep popping back up? Also it...
  2. C

    How separate should vinegar be kept from winemaking?

    I'm considering making vinegar alongside a winemaking operation. Obviously, I don't want to introduce acetobacter to the wines. The vinegars would be in the same room, breathing air in order to complete the vinegar process, but there would never be physical contact or use of the same...
  3. R

    Potential acetobacter issue, yeast OK

    I have a bucket of stout I worked really hard on, and I'm pretty sure it's reached FG, but there's a smell to it that doesn't seem right. I'm going to try putting it in secondary for a while to see if it subsides. Two questions: 1) The smell I think is similar to vinegar, all I can pair it to...
  4. DrGarbonzo

    Infection pics!

    Hey, just posting some cool/ nasty photos of a recent infection in a witbier I brewed about 6 weeks ago. While I really wanted to just put it in the basement for 6 months and see, I tasted it on two separate occasions and it was pretty awful, and then the large amount of top layer growth...
  5. mredge73

    Talk to me about Kombucha

    My mother's inner hippy came out at some point and she bought a $200 kombucha kit from KombuchaKamp last year. She had never had kombucha nor has she ever a sustained a hobby very long. She decided that she didn't like how it taste so I have been gifted an old SCOBY and a bunch of other stuff...