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  1. O

    Identifying an off-flavour and its cause

    Hello fellow brewers, I've been brewing for a couple of months and I've made many successful brews. This is indeed an addicting hobby. One particular brew has been puzzling me for a while because of its off-flavour. I would very much like to identify its cause. I made this particular brew (my...
  2. R

    Need a little help with cider flaws

    Hi all, So I just got my score sheets back from a TON of ciders I entered at GLINTCAP this spring--I did really well overall, but there were a few common flaws. 1. First, "V/A" or " Volatile" or "solventy" --I read that this can be caused from too warm of a fermentation or from insufficient...
  3. Iowa Brewer

    Diacetyl/Acetaldehyde Clean Up

    Hi all, Having an Acetaldehyde issue. Had to dump one batch due to acetaldehyde that converted to diacetyl, and now have detected acetaldehyde in my bock (used WLP844 German Bock) after doing a diacetyl test (the one where you chill one sample and heat one so as to convert any acetaldehyde to...
  4. bw7hb

    Recurring acetaldehyde problem with extract NEIPA brewed with S-04

    I'm trying to brew a NEIPA but I'm having issues with very strong acetaldehyde / green apple off flavor at bottling time and after a month of bottle conditioning. As I'm fairly new to home brewing I'm using all extract. The first beer I ever brewed was a pale ale and it worked out very well. I...
  5. R

    Acetaldehyde flavors post fermentation.

    Made a vermont IPA using white labs london fog. everything was going great during fermentation, smelled great, looks good and when i took a gravity reading it was doing its thing quickly. I had a really thick and heavy layer of krausen after 1.5 weeks and it was not dropping. I called my local...