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  1. BrewStateCollege

    Help! DIY Chiller Not Working

    I have a lager (Oktoberfest) fermenting now (my first ever lager), only on about day three and found that the frozen water jug swapping was not efficient or convenient. I found a hand-me-down window AC unit and did as many others have; took the thing apart, jumped the thermostat, and curled the...
  2. M

    AC Chiller Wort Chiller

    All.. I wanted to share what I am doing to maximize my AC chiller usage as well as solve the issue with using water in the garage in the winter months. Basically I have setup my AC chiller to drive the coils in my CF10 for chilling as well as the ability to drive cold glycol into my plate...
  3. C

    Show us your DIY AC Glycol Chiller enclosure

    I'm considering building a AC glycol chiller using project plans here on the forum but I'm having a hard time finding ideas on how to make it look nice. I would like to keep my basement brewery looking nice and after explaining and showing the wife what I was planning on doing, her response...