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  1. Jessee

    Virginia eBrewery Craftbeerpi System or Part Out - Bristol, VA

    For sale is my 220v 30amp 2 vessel Anvil 10 gallon brewery that I completed early last year. For everything in the list below - $1400. For all the brewery subtract the collar and inkbird - $1000 Due to my job I travel and move alot so I'm going to have to part ways with my system since it has...
  2. joeybeer

    Building a 240v 5500w Craftbeerpi Single Heating Vessel System (EBIAB?)

    Hi all, I've been thinking about this build for what seems like 10 years ! Long enough, that my dreams of PID control have been replaced by the amazing Craftbeerpi. We moved into a new house recently, and when I removed a cover plate off the wall behind my work bench, what should I find but a...
  3. D

    Georgia 15G Electric HLT w/SS HERMS Coil

    15 Gallon Electric Hot Liquor Tank w SS HERMS Coil Parting out system. Everything for sale. Make Offer. Text to 4044028836 Dave - Bottom Draining with stand - 25' 1/2" SS HERMS Coil - SS Ripple 240V 5500W Heater w/ L30 Plug - Blichman Brewmometer - Low liquid cutoff switch installed - 1/2"...