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  1. 7brew

    Any Hope For Salty Brew?

    So I used 5.2 pH stablizer for the first/second time for a couple of beers. One was fermenting while I brewed the other. I tasted one, and wow, it was salty. It was a wheat yeast, so It thought maybe it was a yeast off flavor... Then I tasted a sample of my other beer I was brewing fresh...
  2. mlaw06

    5.2 and CO2 Off Flavor

    I've brewed 21 all grain batches with great results and have never worried about my mash pH until recently. I added 1 tablespoon of Five Star's 5.2 mash stabilizer to each of my last two beers, an ESB and American Amber. Before kegging, both beers tasted young but right where they should be...