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  1. TNJake

    Lemon Shandy with a 3711?

    So plans change and I ended up with a smack pack of 3711. My next two beers to brew are a Shiner Bock clone and a Lemon Shandy. I'm thinking that the shandy may not be too much of a stretch and the yeast I have on hand for it is just US05 so I can store that much longer than the 3711. I don't...
  2. M

    3711 Saison - Like a punch in the nose

    Hey guys, I typically love saisons, and want to develop a recipe that I am happy with and can make repeatedly. I brewed a Saison a month or so ago (recipe below) with 3711 French Saison yeast from a Wyeast smack pack. I am really satisfied with the color and head of this beer, and I can't...
  3. dirtybear7

    Raising Temp on #3711 French Saison Yeast??

    I'm brewing an overly strong Saison style ale S.G. 1.091 using the yeast from an earlier 5gl batch of regular Saison. It seems to be moving along fine by the looks of things and is still bubbling away after seven days. The Fermentometer on the side of the carboy reads 74F-76F. Is there any...