3 vessel system

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  1. abarhan

    For Sale Large selection of home brewing equipment

    Want to sell this a lot and not split it up. Main system is a BrewBuilt Low Rider Digital BrewSculpture 10G volume brewed. ($6500 retail) (2) BrewBuilt temp controlled SS Conical Fermenters MoreBeer UltiMill ($1999 retail) Homemade keezer with perlick taps and new lines and temp controller...
  2. J

    DIPA w/ Spirulina???

    My girl is a big fan of IPA’s and high ABV beers, but I’ve kind of been sowing my wild oats so to speak with lagers and other beer types. She’s been waiting for a beer to call her own though, so I want to make her a double IPA with some bite. I’ve also been reading about spirulina algae and...