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  1. B

    3-tier stand and full brewing set-up for sale

    Not sure if this the correct place to announce the sale of my all-grain brewing system - but if anyone is interested in talking about it I’d appreciate hearing from you and telling you all the parts and pieces I am selling. Picture shows 3-tier set up and some of the kegs and carboys … Cheers
  2. T

    For Sale 3 tier gravith keggle system

    I am parting ways with my 3 tier keggle system. I live in San Diego, CA. I am willing to deliver up to a certain distance.I have only brewed on this system once. I am a professional brewer with and no longer have the time. Every peice of equipment is in great condition. Included in the purchase...
  3. StarCityBrewMaster

    Understanding a 3 Tier Brewing System

    I have only made one batch of beer and planning my second. Obviously I'm a big dreamer already thinking about a 3 tier brewing system. My father in law is a welder and could easily put together a rack like the one in the video listed. http://www.youtube.com/JoePolvino#p/u/1/Zk6d1dy9jOc...