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  1. mrbeachroach

    For Sale SS Brewtec 20 gallon kettle Nashville area Cookeville Tn very good condition

    I’m downsizing my homebrew operation, and I have a 20 gallon ss brew Tec kettle that I have used two times for all green brewing. It works fantastic but I am in recovery now and I’m not brewing. When I purchased it, I paid roughly about 400 I will take $230 or first best offer. Pick up in...
  2. R

    What set-up is next (for you)?

    Hi everyone! Myself and a couple of business partners are looking to start a launch-pad for hopeful home brewers looking to take the next step on their brewing journey. It begs the question: What equipment would you need to take your brewing to the next level? A fully electric 20 Gal...
  3. H

    WTB: 20-30gallon kettles for eherms system. Near So-Cal

    I'm looking for 3 kettles with the bells and whistles. BK, HLT, MT Thanks, Jim