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  1. mcoratti76

    2 Vessel K-RIMS Gas Setup Question

    I am just getting started with all grain and building a starter system using some equipment I already have, while picking up some new pieces. Eventually, I want to go with an electric RIMS tube and PID to better control mash temp. For now, I am planning to use a 2 vessel system, MLT gravity fed...
  2. D

    Brew Rig - HP Moore Brewing Co

    50 AMP Supply to the brew rig. It was purpose built from the ground up over a 4 year period to be a No Sparge a.k.a. (BIAB) system. 3 batches made so far with each batch better than the previous. 75% efficiency without adding any additional base malts (I just follow) the recipe "as is"...
  3. D

    Brew Rig - 2 Vessel C-HERMS

    Based on Justin Angevaare's C-HERMS design. Run by a Hosehead controller running CraftbeerPi. Boiling Equipment: BrewBuilt 22 Gallon, 5500 Watt Electric, 30 amp Beer Bottling Gear: NA Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: 7 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler in dedicated fermentation fridge, InkBird...
  4. D

    Brew Rig - DeBrewer's Home Brewery

    I am running it as a no-sparge. I have a 3rd pot that I can put in place if I decide. There has been discussion on the benefits of not sparging (phenol and tannin extraction) so I am going to see how it goes. I waste a little extra cash on grain but thankfully buying it in bulk makes it...
  5. J

    2 Vessel K-Rims Electric Brew Rig, All-Grain Method --> Recipe size and type??BIAB?

    Hoping I can get some clarification into the new brewing rig that I recently built and setup. I will be using an all grain method. Here are some specifications: 2 Vessel K-Rims Electric Brew Rig: Two 15G Vessels - (1) contains the 5500W heating element (BK, HLT) and the other (2) operates as a...
  6. Jessee

    Virginia eBrewery Craftbeerpi System or Part Out - Bristol, VA

    For sale is my 220v 30amp 2 vessel Anvil 10 gallon brewery that I completed early last year. For everything in the list below - $1400. For all the brewery subtract the collar and inkbird - $1000 Due to my job I travel and move alot so I'm going to have to part ways with my system since it has...
  7. D

    ITC 608T for RIMS Temperature control

    TLDR: As the title suggests, I have successfully used an ITC 608T for mash temperature control in a 2 vessel RIMS setup. I have only seen people report using this controller for fermentation control, so I was skeptical of its use in a heavier load situation, but I am happy to say the controller...