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  1. ThunderKhajiit

    10 gal all grain equipment- keggle, mash tun, fermentors, pump, cfc

    SF south bay area/monterey bay. Keggle with valve-$40 Inverted rubber-coated keg mash tun, with standard dome false bottom-$50 1/2bbl keg used as fermenter for 10gal batches- $30 1/4bbl keg used as fermenter for 5 gal batches- $30 Ball lock tri-clover adapter, used to convert kegs to...
  2. izzycm

    10 gal HERM brewing system - $1000

    10 gallon HERMS system. This is an automated single tier Brew setup. It automatically maintains the temperature of the HLT, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle. The Quick Disconnect fittings are 304-stainless steel. This listing includes the following : 1 - Brewstand/Shelving Unit 1 - Mash Tun with...