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  1. JAReeves

    California USED-SS Brewtech 10Gal Mash Tun w/Recirculation Kit-Los Angeles Area-PRICE REDUCED!!!!

    Greetings! I have upgraded to an all-in-one for my mash tun and am going to let go of my 10 Gallon SS Brewtech Mash Tun with Recirculation Kit. All components are shown in the photos below, no hoses included they were seriously fugly. It's missing one of the feet, unless we figure out which...
  2. R

    For Sale SS Brewtech 10 Gallon Mash Tun - Worcester, MA

    Looking to sell my 10 Gallon SS Brewtech Mash Tun. Still in great condition and has been well cared for. I have both the NPT and TC ball valves available for this, you can choose either one you like. (Can’t have both though, I need to keep at least one!) This has the side port already...
  3. E

    For Sale 10 Gallon Homebrew Equipment

    Folks, I've moved to commerical equipment and selling my old stuff. Would prefer to sell all together but let me know what you're interested in. 10 Gallon mashtun w/ false bottom (less than year old) 10 gallon BK with turkey fryer stand, 8 gallon HLT. 4 ale pails with taps, coldbreak, scale...
  4. BrewningBeerWorks

    SALE: Clawhammer 120V 10 Gallon System

    SALE: 10 gallon system with controller, 10 gallon kettle, plate chiller, pump, new tubing, quick disconnects. Less than 15 brews on the system, more pictures and information upon request. $600
  5. D

    Brew Rig - 10 Gallon Natural Gas Setup

    10 gallon natural gas brew rig. # vessel 10 gallon system with several taps for finished brews. Beer Bottling Gear: Kegs Only Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Glass carboys for all stages Wort Chillers: Homemade counterflow Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: 2 Chuggers,3 15 gal. Polar Ware pots...
  6. V

    Canada Complete Homebrew Setup (Vancouver Island)

    I am selling my complete All-grain BIAB setup Will sell piece by piece< but would rather liquidate it for an easy transaction. Include: 10 Gallon Igloo cooler with SS fittings, and Brew Bag to fit 10 Gallon Brew Kettle Multiple 5 and 6 gallon glass carboys with bungs and airlocks Brew pump with...
  7. Jessee

    Virginia eBrewery Craftbeerpi System or Part Out - Bristol, VA

    For sale is my 220v 30amp 2 vessel Anvil 10 gallon brewery that I completed early last year. For everything in the list below - $1400. For all the brewery subtract the collar and inkbird - $1000 Due to my job I travel and move alot so I'm going to have to part ways with my system since it has...
  8. daviscountybeer

    Iowa 2x Bayou 10 Gallon Kettles - Electric

    I recently upgraded to Spike welded HLT and boil kettles so these are no longer needed. Both started as standard Bayou kettles and were drilled for the following weldless ports: HLT: - Bottom sight glass - 1/2" - Bottom pickup - 1/2" - 5500w ripple electric element - 1.5" - Lid notched for...
  9. T

    Upgrading to 10 gallon batches - Minimal Equipment (AG)

    Hi all, I've encountered the "time to brew vs free time" problem - sounds like this is common amongst people who share this hobby. A common solution to this problem is to produce more beer per brew day. With that said, I would like to attempt make the volume jump by purchasing minimal...
  10. S

    More Beer Digital Tippy Dump 25 gallon or 10 gallon

    Hi All, I have a gently used stainless steel More Beer Tippy dump with electronic controls. It came with 15 gallon kettle/MT/HLT and I upsized to a 30 gallon Brew Built boil kettle and 26 gallon MT and 26 gallon HLT. I have brewed 10% ABV beers on it and 5% ABV beers and the system is...
  11. A

    Colorado Tippy Dump BrewSculpture for sale

    Version 2 - 10 gallon propane. $2,750 I just don't have enough time anymore. Want to ride my bike for now. This unit is amazing. I cant really ship due to the size but sure can help load it up. Close to Colorado Springs, CO. A couple bullets from the manufacturers website Made in USA in the...
  12. thesinam

    Adding Water to 5 Gallon Batch to Make 10 Gallon Batch

    Hello, So my wedding is coming up, and I'm planning to give our guests each a bottle of my Belgian Single homebrew (titled: Belgian Single No More). I need to All-Grain brew 250 bottles on a 5 gallon hombrew system, and my plan is to create a twice as strong 5 gallon batch of wort that will be...
  13. J

    Scaling from 5gal to 10gal all grain batch

    I've only ever brewed 5 gallon all grain batches, but I would like to try to scale up to 10 gallons soon. I plan to do so by just using Beersmith to scale an existing 5 gallon recipe. I would like to know if there are any 'gotchas', in the transition. My brew kettle is a 1/2 barrel sankey...
  14. O

    10 Gallon Kettle on KAB4 Banjo Burner

    Hi guys/girls! First time poster here. I’m in the process of purchasing equipment for a transition into all-grain. I plan on sticking with 5-6 gallon batches and am looking at an SS BrewTech 10 gallon kettle. My only concern is with the size of the kettle (13.8” diameter) on the 10” banjo...
  15. T

    First 10 Gallon Batch

    Ok this is my first 10 gallon batch and I'm pretty excited. I just scored a converted keg on craigslist and I'm gonna do a ten gallon brew using my 48QT cooler as a mash tun. I want to make a nice refreshing wheat beer that will be good drinkin on hot summer days. Here's my recipe:mug...