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  1. bdg0223

    New from Westchester, NY area

    Hello all, excited to dig in. I picked up the hobby again after a long hiatus in 2013. I'm doing simple extract 1-gallon kits from Northern Brewer right now. Looking to advance soon! I was reminded of the hobby after reading "The Art of Fermentation" and appreciating an approach to brewing beer...

    Cream Ale Thoughts....

    Good day beer people. I have come up with the following 'recipe' for a 1 gallon experimental batch: Grains (amounts for 1 gallon batch): Corn - Yellow, Flaked Briess (4.8 oz/gallon) Pilsen Malt 2-Row Briess (3.2oz/gallon) Vienna Malt Weyermann (1.6oz/gallon) Caramel Malt - 20L Briess...
  3. MaxTheSpy

    Peach Mango

    Hello Everyone! I brewed a Peach Mango mead for the first time, I've brewed tonnes of other meads before but never Peach and Mango. I tried it for the first time and its about 10% ABV Right now and is absolutely delicious. I thought I would share my Recipe with you all. It makes 1 gallon...
  4. C

    super simple amber ale extract brew

    Has anyone made a super simple extract amber? I'm wanting to do a 1 gallon batch on the cheap. I was thinking 1 pound of amber dme .2 ounces of cascade hops for 60 minutes and some sort of ale yeast comments?
  5. F

    1 gallon bucket with spigot

    Hi all I want to experiment with 1 gallon batches and want to know where I can buy a 2 gallon bucket with a spigot. I have seen similar stuff on sale (see - http://www.benshomebrew.com/1-Gallon-Equipment-Kit-with-Ingredients-p/eq1kit.htm) but I don't want to pay $50 since I have everything...