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007 golden hops

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  1. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Bringing all of the Hops to the table - Brewing an IPA with all of the hop varieties in the freezer

    I've collected several bulk hops purchases over the last few months. Wanting to use them in something I brewed up an IPA with what I had left. Including a hopshot that I've never used before. The recipe and recipe and full details are available on my website...
  2. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Brewing a Triticale IPA from the 9/17 issue of BYO Magazine

    I had been wanting to brew the Triticale IPA recipe from the September issue of BYO magazine. I finally had a chance to do that over the weekend. I had to modify the recipe slightly since I brew partial mash batches. Here is the recipe I came up with...