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  1. ZebulonBrewer

    Should WLP007 look like this?

    Big cloudy bubbles look normal? I must be crazy.
  2. ZebulonBrewer

    Should WLP007 look like this?

    I think my starter has picked up an infection. The last beer I made with this yeast had an infection, but I thought it wasn't related to the starter. Can anyone confirm?
  3. ZebulonBrewer

    Idylis 5.0 Keezer Build

    Looks great! Keep us up to date on progress. Also, nice forward thinking on making the freezer part of the bar extra wide.
  4. ZebulonBrewer

    Pre or Post Boil Original Gravity (big difference)

    The main reason people use pre-boil gravity is to get an idea of what their efficiency is before their brew-day is over, or to see if they 'hit their numbers'. Post-boil is the more important number, which you use (along with the final gravity) to calculate ABV. Nailing your recipe numbers...
  5. ZebulonBrewer

    Rhinegeist Panther Clone (Robust Porter)

    Ignore this. Double post
  6. ZebulonBrewer

    Rhinegeist Panther Clone (Robust Porter)

    Here is the recipe. Ended up with 5.5 gal @ 1.069 OG (72%) -- (numbers are for 5.25 @ 70% efficiency) Water was RO with ~70ppm Calcium and Sulfate, each. No Bicarbonate added. Malt 9-lbs -- Maris Otter 1-lbs -- Flaked Oats 12-oz -- Caramel 60 8-oz -- Black Patent Malt 4-oz -- Pale Chocolate...
  7. ZebulonBrewer

    Rhinegeist Panther Clone (Robust Porter)

    Glad to hear it. Everything wet well and it's fermenting nicely in my basement. AG recipe still incoming, I promise.
  8. ZebulonBrewer

    Rhinegeist Panther Clone (Robust Porter)

    Making this tonight. AG version. Will post recipe later if I remember to. I'm pretty stoked.
  9. ZebulonBrewer

    7-Tap Black Iron Pipe Kegerator

    Seriously cool. It gets better and better
  10. ZebulonBrewer Grand Re-Opening Sale!

    Give me some of that (All Grain) Blazin Saison! That or your favorite Cascadian Dark Ale recipe. Love both websites, keep up the good work.
  11. ZebulonBrewer

    Spike Brewing Giveaway - New CF10 Conical Fermenter!!

    I'm in! Your company does great work. Keep it up
  12. ZebulonBrewer

    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    Hive Mind
  13. ZebulonBrewer

    New from the U.P. of Michigan, eh!

    Welcome to the forum! (Go Buckeyes!) Keep an eye out for another one of your kind that lurks around here. She even has a few (a lot) of mediocre (incredibly well regarded) recipes floating around here. Enjoy!
  14. ZebulonBrewer

    Mixed up gain. Now what?!

    So it could be Maris Otter or two row? Most likely the only person who will ever notice is you. It's not that they aren't different malts, but they are both base malts, and unless it's nearly 100% one or the other, it won't make a big difference to the average person.
  15. ZebulonBrewer

    Blonde Ale Simple Blonde Ale (Extract)

    1 vial should be ok as long as the vial isn't too old. It it's over 3-4 months old you could consider making a small starter or making a 'vitality starter'
  16. ZebulonBrewer

    Inkbird Father Day Giveaway

    Father of two here. Count me in!
  17. ZebulonBrewer

    Burner for BIAB with B/C 44-qt pot

    I have this: It's a smaller banjo-style burner and one of the more common burners out there. It's quiet, and heats 5 gallon batches in my 10 gallon kettle excellently. I used to have a good write-up on the 4-or-so different...
  18. ZebulonBrewer

    Comparison of mash tun insulation methods

    You're on the right track, but I remember looking in an old thermo book and seeing that most foods (I may dig this out to check it) have a LOWER specific heat than water. Water is pretty awesome as far as specific heat is concerned. A reason for it to retain heat longer would be due to the...
  19. ZebulonBrewer

    Comparison of mash tun insulation methods

    mmmmmmm, Hard Data. The best kind. Even better, your data was taken inside in (what I assume are) consistent conditions. I've been thinking of putting together a reflectix wrap for my 40qt kettle. Lower gravity beers lose quite a bit of temp over 60 minutes and I usually re-heat (while...