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  1. gonzo brewer

    Cold Steeping Carafa only for color?

    I have made a clone of the Bruery's Black Orchard, which turned out great. Steep about 12 oz. of coarsh crushed carafa II with really cold water (50 - 60 degrees) for about 30 minutes. Add to boil in the last 15 minutes of boil. Or go buy sinamar.
  2. gonzo brewer

    House APA: Critique Needed

    Keep the wheat, you can lower it to .25 lb. Drop the aromatic. Change your 5 minute addition to whirlpool. Late hop or go home. Drink fresh. Looks tasty!!!!
  3. gonzo brewer

    Specialty IPA: Rye IPA Denny Conn's Wry Smile Rye IPA

    I am brewing this tomorrow and I can't decide whather to use WLP051 or US-05. So I am using both!!! I'll picth a 1 liter starter of the WLP051 at the same time as hydrated US-05. I'll post back in 7-8 weeks.
  4. gonzo brewer

    Conditioning the Malt Before Crush

    Misting = too much work If you toss and wait, the grain/moisture all balances nicely.
  5. gonzo brewer

    Conditioning the Malt Before Crush

    I have a corona type mill and have been malt conditioning for the last 20 or so beers. My technique is 0.4oz. (by weight) per lb of grain. I toss my entire grain bill into 2 or 3 large plastic ziploc bags and pour in the measured water. I zip loc the bag with loose air space and toss/roll the...
  6. gonzo brewer

    Bells Two Hearted Clone - Hop Additions

    I brewed this using 2 oz dryhop and WLP 051. A wonderful IPA even though I have never tried the original. This is a nice switch from the West Coast style IPA's. I ended up with 5.9% ABV (poor crush) 1.059 OG @ 50IBU. Would'nt change a thing.
  7. gonzo brewer

    Anyone use this for their electric BK?

    Variable transformer - I plan to use a 220V 5500W element in my BK. I want to control my boil manually. What are the pros and cons of this vs PID controller?
  8. gonzo brewer

    Primary Fermenting in a Corny Keg

    I have a corney that won't seal and plan to primary in it tomorrow. I have no fermcap, so will make a 9 gal batch - 5 gal in carboy and 4 gal in corney. I will cut 1" off dip tube so I can transfer (CO2 push). Should I ferment with dip tube in place, or put dip tube in 4 weeks from now when...
  9. gonzo brewer

    Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale 2009

    Picked up a sixer last night. It is just OK to me, not bad but not great. I much prefered their 08 celebration.
  10. gonzo brewer

    Campden and Chlorine

    Thank you Sacc - this makes sense.
  11. gonzo brewer

    Campden and Chlorine

    Yeah, No question about using campden for brewing water. Makes perfect sense with no downside. The question is rinse water. Further search indicates rinse can be performed with tap water as long as kegs, equip are allowed to air dry and any Chlorine residual will gas off with enough time...
  12. gonzo brewer

    Campden and Chlorine

    I have been using campden in my brew water (charcoal filtered water) with good results, however I rinse my BK, MLT and Corney kegs with tap water (my utility uses cloramines). My last batch of pale has a distinct medicinal bandaid taste. My plans for a solution are to build a permanent 10...
  13. gonzo brewer

    Has anyone brewed a Wit with 2 row??

    I have some Great Western 2-row and Briess 2-row to work with. Per their respective websites, the GW ranges from 1.8 to 2.2L and the Briess is 1.8L. I'll go with the Briess. Thank you HBT for confirming my intuition.
  14. gonzo brewer

    Hopback 101

    I made a hopback using the same canister as drez77. My buddy welded ss nipples at 1" up from bottom and 1" down from top. He also fabbed a SS 3 legged ring that supports a SS sink drain screen (OSH) at the bottom. The ID/OD match is not perfect, so I put a lttle bit of SS scrubbie underneath...
  15. gonzo brewer

    Has anyone brewed a Wit with 2 row??

    I completly forgot to buy pilsner malt yesterday and I'm jonesing for a Wit. I know it would not be "authentic", but I have all the other ingredient and the yeast is what is most important - right? Would you wait (next LBHS run in 2 weeks) or go for it now?
  16. gonzo brewer

    Road trip with 4 kegs - please advise

    I could wrap them with sleeping bags, but I think after 2 weeks, they will equlize to ambient temperature. Dry Ice, I did not consider this. I can check the price. Anyone know how long x lbs of dry ice would last? I know fish is shipped from alaska this way, but only for 2-3 days.
  17. gonzo brewer

    Road trip with 4 kegs - please advise

    Good idea I didn't think of, yes I have done this before. Out to out quick-connect and push with 1-2 psig CO2. Thanx
  18. gonzo brewer

    Road trip with 4 kegs - please advise

    I will embark on a 2-1/2 week road trip next week in my RV which will end with a wedding. I will be serving 4 kegs of beer at this wedding. I am planning to carb these up to about 2.6 volumes before I leave (to allow for a little drop), then let them sit in the shower tub of the RV warm...
  19. gonzo brewer

    has anyone committed this siphon cardinal sin

    I use a HEPA filter in the 2nd carboy cap hole. After I rack the beer, I want can harvest the yeast. I add 1 liter of boiled (cooled) water by turning the filter the other direction, place racking cane in the boiled water and suck the HEPA filter. Swish the water/yeast, turn the HEPA back...
  20. gonzo brewer

    Munich malt in Begian Wit?

    I used 4 oz. Aromatic in my wit. I loved it. I like the dry tartness but am not crazy about the blandness of some wit's. Who cares if it is not perfectly to style.