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  1. MoreyBrewingCo

    Temperature went above 104

    I am brewing my first NEIPA and trying to keep the brew warm during fermentation. I used an Omega OYL-200 Liquid yeast. To keep the temperature between 75-85 I put a small space heater in a closet with the conical and wasn't thinking. With the stainless steel, even with a setting on the space...
  2. MoreyBrewingCo

    Sanitation solution in beer

    Hi guys, I need some help, my wife accidentally moved a container of about 2 cups of sanitizing solution (concentrate mixed with appropriate amount of water) to a shelf higher than my conical fermenter. I just noticed the entire container of solution that my exhaust hose was resting in is now...
  3. MoreyBrewingCo

    Conical Fermentor

    I have been brewing for over two years now and have been using a bucket system. It's time for me to move on to the next step, save some time and hassle and increase my production level. I would like to purchase a conical fermentor. Im looking for something that can do at least 10 gallon batches...
  4. MoreyBrewingCo


    I just opened a bottle of rom the other batch. It’s carbonated just fine. I don’t think it’s any more carbonated than any usual batch I do. I’m gonna sit tight for another week or two and see if anything changes from either batch. But I don’t get a sense that I over carbonated the second, which...
  5. MoreyBrewingCo


    About two months ago we brewed our first ever lager. We had been doing ales for a good year and never had a single issue. I bottled my new lager one week ago. Just for the hell of it I chilled and popped one today to get an early hint. It tastes delicious, but there is minimal to no carbonation...
  6. MoreyBrewingCo

    Fermentation for a Lager

    Really glad I used this forum. I removed both 5 gallon buckets and gave them a good shake. I then actually removed them from the fridge and stored them in a faux closet that is against the foundation of the house where the temperature was about 55 degrees. Once I got the refrigerator temp back...
  7. MoreyBrewingCo

    Fermentation for a Lager

    very, very helpful, thank you. do you think there will be any issues with my waiting two more days and pitching more yeast and aerating with a wand then? I am going to need to get more yeast and a wand and I won't be able to do it with the holiday tomorrow.
  8. MoreyBrewingCo

    Fermentation for a Lager

    I did what I usually do to aerate. I rocked the buckets on an upside down bowl. that's what I always do for the ales I brew. do I need to do more?
  9. MoreyBrewingCo

    Fermentation for a Lager

    I used 100ML packages for each 5 gallon bucket. the packaging made clear that it inoculates 5 gallons
  10. MoreyBrewingCo

    Fermentation for a Lager

    I have been brewing for about a year now, exclusively ales. I just brewed my first lager. I used a recipe from Northern Brewer for a Czech Pilsner. I did a 10 gallons batch in two 5-gallon buckets and pitched the yeast roughly 3 days ago. I used the Liquid Yeast option Omega Yeast Pilser. it's...