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  1. McKBrew


    Been a long time since I finished off my last bottle. Probably one of the best beers I brewed.
  2. McKBrew

    Anybody else not a big fan of highly hopped beers?

    I enjoy a good IPA or IIPA still on occasion. Have to be in the right mood. Unfortunately I still think too many breweries are still caught up on the IPA kick and spend too much time developing a bazillion different IPA's instead of branching out. They are marketed well enough that the...
  3. McKBrew

    Official HBT Meatloaf Thread.

    The meatloaf thread lives.
  4. McKBrew

    Costco...craft beer?

    I have never seen an overly impressive selection of beers at Costco, even in the Pacific Northwest. Looks like some of you are very fortunate.
  5. McKBrew

    Smoking Grain

    I haven't brewed in awhile, nor can I remember exactly what I used in this recipe but it was nowhere near 50 percent base malt and it was so smokey after several months that I poured it.
  6. McKBrew

    Atomic Buffalo Turds

    Haven't made them in a long time.
  7. McKBrew

    Widmer Brrr Like Hoppy Red

    Brrr reminds me (in a good way) of what drinking a Christmas Tree would taste like. For some reason I pick up wood, pine and all the flavors of a tree including dirt. Excellent beer.
  8. McKBrew

    Anyone in the Oilfield Industry?

    I am registered on Rigzone.
  9. McKBrew

    Anyone in the Oilfield Industry?

    Thanks for both of your responses. Finding the companies seem to be easy, trying to get in touch with someone in the industry a bit more difficult. Linkedin is so spammed up anymore that I don't think it would help much at all.
  10. McKBrew

    Anyone in the Oilfield Industry?

    Please feel free to PM me as well.
  11. McKBrew

    Anyone in the Oilfield Industry?

    It's been awhile since I've been here, but in the past I've found this place to be a great source of information on far more than just beer. I retired from the military in May of this year and relocated to North Idaho. Great place to live, but a difficult place to find a job with decent...
  12. McKBrew

    Southern Tier 'Pumking' Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    Yep. It's pretty sad that the Sam Adams Pumpkin beer is better than this and a 6 pack costs less than a 22oz bottle.
  13. McKBrew

    Southern Tier 'Pumking' Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    I have heard about this beer for years and finally had to opportunity to buy a bottle. Was really disappointed. No head to speak of, somewhat watery, and it had a weird almost rank/bitter vegetable taste. Maybe I just had one of those off bottles but I won't be rushing out to buy this one...
  14. McKBrew

    2009 Dechutes Jubelale

    I was happy to find it a couple weeks back. Only bought a 6 pack but I plan on buying at least a case or so before the end of the season so I can enjoy it a bit longer. Looking forward to Widmer Brr as well.
  15. McKBrew

    Atomic Buffalo Turds

    I haven't made these in months. Needs to be done.
  16. McKBrew

    Add Brewing to the list of things I quit doing and regret.

    Thanks for all of the welcomes and re-welcomes. Just a quick update on the rest of my life in case anyone is interested. Retired from the Navy after 20 years in May. Relocated to Northern Idaho. Bought my first house, moving in soon. Love it here. I think extract and possibly...
  17. McKBrew

    Add Brewing to the list of things I quit doing and regret.

    Got rid of everything a few years ago. I think I'll pick up a starter kit here in the next couple of months.
  18. McKBrew

    Add Brewing to the list of things I quit doing and regret.

    Miss you guys and gals. I'll be back brewing sooner or later, hopefully by years end. I think I got "too" into it and had way more stuff than I needed. It became a chore and not a hobby. Time to start over, scale back a bit, and make good beer. :drunk:
  19. McKBrew

    Atomic Buffalo Turds

    Reminds me that I haven't had these in months. Need some ABT's.
  20. McKBrew

    Alaskan Brewing Baltic Porter Ale

    I actually like a few of their offerings including the Smoked Porter. Looking forward to trying the Birch Beer coming out soon.