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  1. Jomini


    Thanks, @Still Brewn. You're an absolute star. From the great advice that you've provided in the last two posts (having to change heaters/fuses/plug and concern about wiring possibly overloading the household circuit and wiring), I've decided to try a step-down transformer with lots of...
  2. Jomini


    Thanks @Blazinlow86 and @Nate R for highlighting the Taiwan site and the fact that they are selling parts. Perhaps I'll take the plunge and order a couple of things as I'm "in the neighbourhood" [Singapore] and will report back. I haven't taken a screwdriver to the Brewie+ yet to have a look...
  3. Jomini


    Hello, everyone. I purchased a Brewie+ in Canada, and was relocated to Singapore prior to operating the unit. I now have a new Brewie sitting in a makeshift brewery in my apartment and, to be honest, am concerned about plugging it in. I was wondering if I might get a bit of electrical advice...
  4. Jomini


    @cubsfan16 or @HarkinBanks : I'm curious why you went with the 600 mesh rather than the 400? Are you you double-crushing your malt and concerned about bits getting through the mesh and causing problems with the pump?
  5. Jomini


    I asked Chad @ Arbor Fab if the Brewie basket that they have for sale fit the Brewie+ and they didn't know for certain. Chad mentioned to me that a number of people have asked the same question but to date, no one has confirmed to them that their basket does, in fact, fit the new Brewie. Does...
  6. Jomini


    @Still Brewn Thanks ever so much for your generous advice! I'll follow it completely. With regard to my B+, I purchased it from a vendor from Winnipeg, Canada, early January. I guess I'll have to get the serial number and check with Máté to see if it is an early or late production run model...
  7. Jomini


    I decided to order a Brewie+ on a great Boxing Week sale at $2000 CDN... and then I discovered this thread (read it all!), and have gone from depression to somewhat optimistic about the purchase. I want to thank everyone on this thread for the education and contributions. I still haven't seen...
  8. Jomini

    Brew Boss Systems

    I'm not really one that posts to Homebrew Talk and am not sure where to make this post. I'm an all-grain brewer who uses a 2nd generation Brau-Supply BIAB (basket), with version 2 Brew-Boss controller. I've had a number of dealings with Darin from Brew-Boss. I'm a big fan of the Brew-Boss...
  9. Jomini

    Ss Brewtech Huge Giveaway - 7 Gallon Unitank + Sspunding Valve

    Thanks again to Ss Brewtech! To enter, reply to this thread one time. (Forum entry limited to Supporting Members) I have a special place in my brewery for this wonderful piece of kit.... Thanks for your generosity for this giveaway!
  10. Jomini

    New e-BIAC Unitank (Brau Supply)

    Industry News: I was informed by Steven at Brau Supply (Vancouver) that their new product offering; their all-in-one [mash/boil/ferment (15psi)/brite/serve] is now on offer. The brewing gadget has a jacketed design for cooling. Brau Supply link...