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  1. andysim

    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    +5 gallons Reopen if it Kills Me Scottish Ale =2378
  2. andysim

    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    2036+ 6 gal mead + 6 gal Covid Cranberry Saison = 2048
  3. andysim

    Worst Craft Beer Of ALL-TIME!

    Sam Adams Cherry Wheat - tastes like carbonated cough syrup
  4. andysim

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Scottish Ale
  5. andysim

    What are you drinking now?

    Homebrew IIIPA
  6. andysim

    Lockdown Beer recipe Naming

    Reopen if it Kills Me Scottish Ale
  7. andysim

    Using bread in your beer

    I made a lager using bread as a ingredient. I read about this in online and I believe there is a brewery in England who uses old bread as a regular ingredient. The bread is toasted and used in the mash. See my Youtube video below.
  8. andysim

    Best Pumpkin Spice Recipe?
  9. andysim

    Gelatin fining = slimy mouthfeel?

    If you only put a tsp in that's not the problem. Jamil reccommends 1/2 pack. I don't think a tsp will clear your beer.
  10. andysim


    3 responses in 5 Minutes. This is why I love this forum
  11. andysim


  12. andysim


    I bought a RSG 32ATC refractometer. The directions tell you to calibrate it before use so I did using tap water instead of distilled. I checked the temp of the water and it was per the specs. I didn't have to adjust the setting because the factory setting was dead on. I was kegging two...
  13. andysim

    What are you drinking now?

    Jai Alai
  14. andysim

    Your favorite type of post-er on HBT:

    Poster who claims he can taste the difference in beer that was made in SS vs aluminum.
  15. andysim

    Cherry Juice Concentrate

    I'm looking to make a cherry porter. Has anyone used cherry concentrate? If yes when did you add it and how much did you use?
  16. andysim

    The Walking dead

    You had me at Maggie takes her shirt off.
  17. andysim

    Beer Judge Question

    Being butthurt is like being an alcoholic: the more you insist you're not, the less people believe you. Exactly!!! I should have said I was pissed about the score and did not care about the American citrus hops issue. I will do that next time.
  18. andysim

    Beer Judge Question

    1. Did I mention in any of my 5 previous posts I don't care about the score. 2. I never get stressed when have. 3. I get stressed when I can't find beer.
  19. andysim

    Beer Judge Question

    It's gonna have 12 oz of citra hops grown in Murica.