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    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Ooh, I could use the help--I'm in! thanks
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    The Winners have been Drawn - Did you Win?

    Well, I suppose it's a good thing my name wasn't selected. I've been super busy, but had in my mind to be sure to check the results on 30 APRIL, not 20. So I would have been crying right now. Smiling. I will drink good ale tonight.
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    More crap electronics

    I'd put in a speedometer/tachometer for bling.
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    the best homebrew video ever!!!

    Welcome, Mongster. Boom.
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    Music Match

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    Giveaway: YOpener

    I'm in, thanks. Nice dog, Riggs1!
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    Music Match

    Ain't That A Shame - Fats Domino
  8. R RIMS hardware Kit and more Giveaway!

    Shiny is good. I'm in, thanks.
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    BrewsbySmith DIY Kit plus STC 1000 Temp ControllerGiveaway!

    Yessir, that's me, I'm the one who's IN!
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    Fermentis Safale vs. Danstar

    Because by and large we are a cheap lot, Sticky. The top two reasons for homebrewing are to control quality and to control costs. For some, a few bucks difference per batch could mean waiting til next month to brew. It's a real factor; our hobby costs some coin. It's absolutely worth it, but...
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    Brew & A: Kevin "BierMuncher" Mattie

    Great one, thanks! To all, if you haven't seen it, the thread detailing his trash can kegerator build is an epic read! And can we all agree to NOT referr to BierMuncher using only the two initials? Meh.
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    Adding Caramel to Amber Ale

    Sounds intriguing. Will it be replacing anything, or is it a standalone addition? Related, or maybe not: does anyone know if caramel could be used for priming sugar at bottling?b
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    3 word story

    So, beer was
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    Anyone bag a deer this year?

    Whoops, just saw the second pic, where I can see the palm. First pic looks like you guys were holding up some whitetail antlers! Congratulations!
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    Anyone bag a deer this year?

    WTF?! That must be the Downeast version of a Jackalope...