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    Brew Stand (Brutus 10)

    You want to use ASCO part number EF8210G94.
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    DC Area Group Grain Buy #12

    Ill take: 1 x BRI1003 Briess Pale Ale 50 lb 1 x WEY1003 Weyermann® Pilsner 25 Kg (55 Lb.) Thanks!
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    Brutus 10: Lessons Learned

    I used this one The fitting will hammer into place with no problem even with a 1-3/4" interior dimension as you are shaving 1/32" off each side of the fitting. Price wise it is cheaper to weld a plate on the bottom of the inside of the tube and drill...
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    Brutus 10: Lessons Learned

    To mount the casters in the frame you can also use tube inserts from McMaster Carr:
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    Fresh fruit or fruit purée??

    I have always herd and had good luck with freezing fresh fruit first to break the cell walls and lightly smash them. this helps keep a lot of the "junk" out of the final product. Also pasteurizing the fruit, depending on ones opinion, may not be necessary due to the presence of alcohol and an...
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    Cold brew coffee stout

    I used Kona and one other kind that I can not remember for a founders breakfast stout clone.
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    Cold brew coffee stout

    I did not experience this at all. Beer was great!
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    Stainless welders in the DC/VA area?

    I work with him so let me know what you need done and I will see if he is interested and what he would charge.
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    Stainless welders in the DC/VA area?

    I know a guy in Woodbridge if you are still looking to get this done.
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    Does it offend you?

    It's only offensive if the beer inside is crap!
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    mashing at 145 - 158, slowly heating up

    Well the theory is that most of the conversion happens within the first 10 minutes of the mash so I would think that you would end up with a thin/dry beer that is not at all sweet.
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    Natural Gas Brutus/1550 Build Questions

    Well on the BK I just light the burner as no temperature control is needed with an analog thermometer on the front. If you wanted to see the temp on your panel then you could just install a thermowell on the BK and use the sensor from the MLT when you are done with it. As far as no flame on the...
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    Johnson Controls Modification

    You need a dip tube or thermowell to go down into the wort thru the bung so that you can measure the temp of the liquid and not the air. Even if you open the door the liquid will not cool down as much as you think so I would not worry about that.
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    Blowoff tube

    You will be find with regular tubing, its what I use and I have never had a problem.
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    High Final Gravity and Hazy

    How long has it been in the fermentor?
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    MD/DC grain

    Great how much for the gallon of star san?
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    MD/DC grain

    Do you have any Star San?
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    Over carbing or paranoia?

    It will not over carbonate. If you set the pressure to the volumes you need, the beer will only absorb that amount of pressure. Once the pressure in the keg is equalized to the pressure on your regulator then no more co2 from the tank will enter the keg. I set my beer to 30 for about two days...
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    Question on bottling from keg

    I think you have most of the process right. I insert a bottle filler into the end of a picnic tap and fill until the foam comes up the top. I let the foam settle and then add more until the head space is minimized. Maybe you are leaving too much head space? Do not worry about capping right away...