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  1. StewMakesBrew

    Ball Lock Corny Kegs - nice ones, clean, new rings, ready!

    Hi All - first these are in Buffalo Grove IL and I will not ship them due to cost of packaging, etc. So, if you're local to this area, these are good. I have four ball-lock Corny kegs to sell - purchased all four from a guy who was ending the hobby due to health reasons and was just dumping...
  2. StewMakesBrew

    Beer with no hop flavor

    Hard root beer?
  3. StewMakesBrew

    Is water the most important element of home brewing and what is the best water you ha

    Well, I'm blessed with living in a city with what is said to be some of the best municipal waters in the world - Chicago. I literally brew straight from the tap - I don't do anything with additives or anything else. That said, if you live in an area that has a chlorine taste in the water...
  4. StewMakesBrew

    How to keep it cheap?

    When I went from Extract to All-grain, my cost per batch went from an average of around $50 to around $40. From there, the next big savings I see is washing and reusing yeast as the cost of that (other than the grain of course) is the single most expensive item. Running from there, you're into...
  5. StewMakesBrew

    Bulk Grains

    If you frequently make a wheat beer, I'd roll with wheat, German Pils and two row. I brew two or three different summer ales during the summer months (one is an Oberon-like beer, another that's fairly close to Scrimshaw, and another that's like Kolsch meets Spotted Cow) and all use Pils. Of...
  6. StewMakesBrew

    Oxygenating Beer

    Your beer will be fine - and awesome. Brew on my friend. You're learning all the ninja tricks. One thing I'd suggest - buy a plastic "bucket style" fermenter with a spigot and dip tube on it. The spigot will be down about a half-inch off the floor and you can get the valves for those with a...
  7. StewMakesBrew

    Troubleshooting a metallic taste

    Answers: Yes, I rapid carbed it - that's interesting. I didn't know that carbonic acid would form a metallic taste. And I use Starsan exclusively - only sanitizer I have used for years.
  8. StewMakesBrew

    Flat, fresh and delicious!

    Ok, get your minds out of the gutter, I'm not talking about that. But one of my favorite things is when I'm packaging a beer and of course I'm tasting it as it's coming out of the fermenter and it's straight up delicious - it's flat, it's room temp and it's "young" and "green" out of the...
  9. StewMakesBrew

    Stuck in Homebrewing Rut

    So, I have been brewing now close to 20 years, and about 8 years ago, got sick of the hobby - went a full year without brewing a batch. I had been doing extract brewing, I was doing a combo of bottling and kegging into 5L party kegs (I had yet to make the jump to a kegerator) and just wasn't...
  10. StewMakesBrew

    Troubleshooting a metallic taste

    So, took my latest batch to hit the kegerator - an ale-style pilsner that I've made before - to my LHBS (Perfect Brewing Supply, Libertyville, IL - awesome guys there- shout out!) to have them taste it and they picked up a metallic flavor that I was trying to tell myself wasn't there in that...
  11. StewMakesBrew

    2 weeks Kettle to Keg to Drinking - Anyone ever try this? I did!

    Great thread everyone - thanks for the ideas. I've been doing this so long and so ingrained in my habits and beliefs, that trying something new like this speed brewing is not something I've really trusted.
  12. StewMakesBrew

    2 weeks Kettle to Keg to Drinking - Anyone ever try this? I did!

    Appreciate the extra tips - so my normal groove is 3 weeks in the fermenter - allows nice clear beers, and then at least 2 weeks or more cold conditioning in the keg for aging before carbonating. Then earlier in the summer, I ran out of the wheat ale that I started making last year that's a...
  13. StewMakesBrew

    2 weeks Kettle to Keg to Drinking - Anyone ever try this? I did!

    Hi All: So I have read on this place and others that you can theoretically go from Brew Day (kettle) to keg and drinking in just two weeks. Given that a) I was almost out of beer in my kegerator and b) had a simple Pilsner ale planned for my next batch, I gave it a shot. Here's the results...
  14. StewMakesBrew

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2017?

    5.25 gallons of Stew's Brew Endless Summer Wheat Ale (an improvement on Bell's Oberon) = 5455.75 gallons
  15. StewMakesBrew

    when do you graduate from beginner

    This is a great question. There have been three "graduation" moments for me so far - the first was years ago when I stopped buying "beer kits" either online or at the LHBS and started formulating my own recipes - albeit with extract. That made me feel like an "intermediate" brewer more control...
  16. StewMakesBrew

    Keg Filling Easy Procedure

    Aw thanks Wes!!
  17. StewMakesBrew

    Keg Filling Easy Procedure

    I was just reading and thinking the same. Damn did we get into the rabbit hole. Anyway, whoever above said perfection is the enemy of good is damn right. I pride myself in making good to great beer. But I'm far from perfect.
  18. StewMakesBrew

    Keg Filling Easy Procedure

    Good point. I purge prior to open transfer because CO2 is heavier than air and pools in the keg. Just a bit of extra insurance against oxygen. You can actually "pour" C02 - try filling a beer pint full of Co2 from your co2 line, and then pour it over a lit match. But hey, if it's working for...
  19. StewMakesBrew

    Extremely long batch sparge due to E.R visit

    It's going to be fine. Brew up in her honor and toast to her returned health when it's done.