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  1. oswegan

    Saison Boulevard Smokestack Series Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale Clone

    One question about this. Is that your total water volume? Are you not doing any sort of batch or fly sparge here? Thanks.
  2. oswegan

    Saison Boulevard Smokestack Series Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale Clone

    Thank you. That's extremely helpful and the photo is great. I'm going to scale this up to 7 gallons and give it a whirl.
  3. oswegan

    Jubleale Clone

    My notes say 152 degrees and I used Wyeast 1968 London ESB. My grain bill was the same as yours except that I used US Crystal 120 rather than the English 130. My hop bill was a little bit different too. For a 14 gal batch I used 2oz Cascade,1.5oz Willamette and 2oz Chinook for 60min boil; 2.5oz...
  4. oswegan

    Newport hops- what did you use them for?

    I used Newport and Cascade in a fresh hop red in the fall. I really enjoyed it. I used it for both bittering and for late additions. Not sure that helps because fresh hop beers are so unique.
  5. oswegan

    Cascade Golden Promise SMaSH

    This turned out good, and I am sure it will be enjoyed and consumed by the masses. That being said, I have to admit that I liked the Simcoe Golden Promise smash better than the Cascade. I guess I just realized I am not a huge fan of Cascade hops all by themselves. I like the more citrusy...
  6. oswegan

    2009 Dechutes Jubelale

    I brewed my version of it at the end of October. It's in the keg now waiting for the holiday. Here's my recipe that is essetially based on what I have heard is the Brewery's original recipe: 7 Gallon Batch: 15.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 81.74 % 2.00 lb Caramel/Crystal...
  7. oswegan

    All grain cooler system plans

    I did something very similar to this: Mine was a Coleman Xtreme 70 quart and my manifold was copper like in the photos with four lengthwise tubes connected at the ends. It is a great setup that can do 5 or 10...
  8. oswegan

    Chill Haze

    Whenever my beer becomes crystal clear I know that the end of the keg is near But I rarely ever fret or fear I just hook up another keg of beer.
  9. oswegan

    Recipe Critique - ala Deschutes Armory XPA

    I haven't had this beer, but I will say that for an IPA 2 lbs. seems like way too much crystal, considering only 11 lbs. of two row as a base.
  10. oswegan

    anybody ever make a dark/black ipa?

    The best beer I have made in the time that I have been brewing was a super hoppy black IPA modeled after Stone's Anniversary XI, or Sublimely Self Riteous. It is so simple it made my head spin. It is like drinking a black hop syrup - absolutely unbelievable and remarkably quick to ferment...
  11. oswegan

    Oatmeal Stout Aging Question

    I just aged one in the keg for 10 months. Man is it good. I can't keep my paws off of it now that it is on tap. So complex - all of the notes of vanilla, chocolate and coffee are there. I'm not saying people should wait that long, but if you have the patience, it is well worth the wait.
  12. oswegan

    Crystal Hops

    Would Hallertau be an ok substitute for crystal hops? It is just a small part of an overpowering dry hop bill that includes simcoe and cenntenial, so I'm not sure how much it will really matter - except that I don't want to buy any crystal hops.
  13. oswegan

    El Dictador IIPA

    This is a cool link that has a few of their recipes, including the 2008 Maharaja:
  14. oswegan

    Cascade Golden Promise SMaSH

    I don't think you're going to notice a huge difference there, unless you go with a really low ibu and go light on the flavor, aroma and dry hops. Then you'll be sick of Amarillo! :cross:
  15. oswegan

    info on rizomes

    This according to Fresh Hops in oregon: At the end of the season you can bury healthy bottom vines for propagating new plants the next spring. Simply bury the vines in a shallow trench and mark their location. In spring dig them up and cut them into pieces about 4 inches long. Make sure each...
  16. oswegan

    AG setup test

    I use a coleman extreme with a Palmer style 4 pipe copper manifold in the bottom. Batch sparging consistently gets me 75-80% and is really easy. This ease of operation allows me to drink more beer while brewing.
  17. oswegan

    Two in a row. Airlocks to the ceiling.

    Maybe I am just a throw back, but a big three foot piece of 1" tube in the end of the carboy with the other end in a bucket is what I have always done and still do. After activity dies down, airlock goes in, tube and bucket get washed. Easy Easy, Cheap Cheap.
  18. oswegan

    2009 Dechutes Jubelale

    I brewed this over the weekend and ended up pitching on a cake of Wyeast 1968. It worked out really well, though I am a little surprised by the color - I thought it would be darker in the fermenter. I guess its not really that much roasted barley though, I think I've used more barley than that...
  19. oswegan

    Cascade Golden Promise SMaSH

    I started cold crashing tuesday night. Will probably keg it tonight. There is a Simcoe Golden Promise SMaSH ahead of it right now that is really drinking nicely. It will be interesting to compare the two.
  20. oswegan

    want to review my recipe? Black IPA

    I don't want to hijack the thread, but I guess I will anyway: :off: 7 Gal. Batch 21lbs. Great Western Two Row 1lb. Carafa II 1lb. Crystal 60 4oz. Chinook pellets (90 min.) 1.5oz. Amarillo pellets (0 min.) 1.5oz. Simcoe pellets (0 min.) 1.5oz. Amarillo pellets (dry hop 10 days)...