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  1. Funky Frank

    Corny Keg's Pick 5 Hopzoil Giveaway!

    Hopzoil Hazy - Juicy Fruitbomb Hopzoil Hazy - Ambrosia Hopzoil Hazy - Montage Hopzoil - Cashmere Hopzoil - El Dorado Thank you, Corny Keg!
  2. Funky Frank

    Solera question

    The bugs in the barrel will do a fine job on their own but it won’t hurt to add a pack or some dregs at that time. I have several soleras going that I started from multiple different mixed pitches from multiple different yeast companies to try to get some diversity but I’ve had better results...
  3. Funky Frank

    Kriek doesn't sour after 14 month. Could lactose help

    The Brett may also be able to use the lactose. You could also just purchases lactic acid and dose accordingly. Or you could brew up a modern quick sour (or kettle sour but why?) and just let it get as acidic as possible and blend it with this beer.
  4. Funky Frank

    Flanders red + ??? = Sour Stout (Developing a recipe for blending)

    I did a little hop tea/dry hop just to stop the souring. I used my bin of not quite aged hops so it could be anything but most likely it’s a high percent Tettnanger.
  5. Funky Frank

    Flanders red + ??? = Sour Stout (Developing a recipe for blending)

    Sounds like a fun project! I’d shy away from the roasted barley. My suggestion is to make the stout about a medium for the roast level that you usually like in a stout and the sourness a little less sour than you’d usually like. I bet blending that beer with the Flanders would be nicely...
  6. Funky Frank

    Bourbon barrel purchase worth it for home brewer?

    The common theme here is folks eventually using the barrels for sours. I also had a friend that would make things out of spent barrels and sell them at the local winery. He already had all the barrels he wanted for sours. Basically the question is, do you have a plan for end of life of the...
  7. Funky Frank

    Hefeweizen help

    I do a lot of my beers with a step mash that includes a ferulic acid rest as one of the steps. My hefeweizen is one that I do a single sach rest and no other rest (other than mash out). I like my hefe the same with and without the acid rest but I believe the haze is better when I only do the...
  8. Funky Frank

    Brewing Saison

    French/belle saison yeast is an easy starter yeast for saisons. It usually leans a little more fruity and it usually doesn’t give you problems. Remember that most of these yeasts are sta1 positive. A good start would be half pale ale malt and half malted wheat mashed a little high (156F?). You...
  9. Funky Frank

    Lactose question

    Most of this boils down to personal preference. Go to the store and pick up a lindemans framboise (it’s raspberry but close enough). If that’s perfect for your taste then I’d say grab the extra can of cherry and keep the pound of lactose. If it comes off like thick cough syrup, then stick to the...
  10. Funky Frank

    Barrel Saison Solera

    For my ongoing sours I’m right around 7-10 ibu that come from 15ish minute additions of noble hops (sometimes others) and I don’t think I’m getting any flavor/aroma from that. I’ve done 60 min additions too but not a direct comparison.
  11. Funky Frank

    Making a beetroot sour

    No “need” for a second yeast but bottle dregs of sours you like could add some slight complexity and acid. The major thing that blend is lacking for a sour is bacteria but maybe you’re looking more for wild/funky than sour.
  12. Funky Frank

    12 Beers of Christmas 2022 Edition

    I’m in for the lambic inspired beer. East if we get multiples.
  13. Funky Frank

    Sour problem

    Welcome! Fast Souring - Modern Methods If there isn’t any mold growing and it tastes fine, bottle it and drink up. The above method is really good for controlling a sour. If you have brewed other stuff in the same area of your house, you likely have feral yeast living there from other batches.
  14. Funky Frank

    12 Beers of Christmas 2021 Edition

    I’m still here! I’ll get some pics up soon. I guess I need to get on the labels….nothing says Merry Christmas like painters tape and sharpie!
  15. Funky Frank

    Thin, Watery, Flavorless Aged Beer... Help!

    Your favorite commercial beers I don’t consider to be on the funkier side of things so I’m still wondering if the funk that you’re longing for isn’t some aspect of the fruit. But you have experience with making other funky beers so I doubt that. As for where you stand on your current process...
  16. Funky Frank

    Thin, Watery, Flavorless Aged Beer... Help!

    Wow! You have done a lot of experimenting and you’ve touched on all the stuff that’s usually suggested. Let’s see if we’re talking about the same things. What is your all time favorite commercial, traditional sour? Experiments aside. You just want to brew your best sour tomorrow. What’s the...
  17. Funky Frank

    Help with Blend

    Thanks, @Coffee49! Sangio is ordered and I decided to make 2 different table wines with all this instead of the 1 big blend. The first will be a Chianti inspired blend of 5 gal Sangiovese and 1 gal Merlot that I will try to keep true(ish) to style. The second will be called just a table red...
  18. Funky Frank

    Newbee here. First batch questions

    You should be good to transfer.
  19. Funky Frank

    Help with Blend

    I could also be talked into adding a 36# lug of California Tempranillo or California Zinfandel instead of the 6 gallon pail. Ahhh, too many choices!