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  1. Tennessee Brew

    Did I mess up?

    I had some beer brewed up. Recently I moved to a new house (February) and accidentally left my bottled beer outside in a cooler. I'm kind of concerned that the heat may have ruined it. Its not been really hot here but for a few days however this cooler may have heated up a bit more inside. I...
  2. Tennessee Brew

    I Lost The Recipe

    Ok here is a very good reason to keep your notes very safe. Last year I was experimenting with some ciders. Just a homebrew experiment, nothing fancy. I used everyday good old apple juice and a store bought cider. Apple Juice used: Motts and Martinellis (organic) Cider Used: Motts and...
  3. Tennessee Brew

    Home Brew Beer Soap

    I know this is way outside of the general homebrew topic but it still involves home brewing.. or does it? I have a friend wanting to make a beer soap. I got to thinking, if one used grains then afterward incorporated that spent grain into the soap then it should take on the same scent as the...
  4. Tennessee Brew

    Hop perfume

    Friend of mine owns an all natural soap company, we are working on solid colognes spiced with hops. Hopefully the first run will be out soon. I find it interesting because some of the hops when used in small quantity gives some nice aromas.
  5. Tennessee Brew

    Wine Question (post fermentation)

    ok so I am going to put this into a secondary, so would a second plastic bucket me ok? I know some guys say move it to a glass carboy but its gonna be two weeks before I even have those ready. So could I simply add more sugar to it, let it reach max ABV and then bottle once everything stalls...
  6. Tennessee Brew

    Who has made Juice wine? Tell us your story!

    I make concord grape all the time, its my favorite. Right now have a gallon batch of Black Cherry and Concord grape finishing up. They always come out amazing. I usually get the OG up to 1.100 so they come out a bit of sweet. I've also used a tropical mix that made an amazing wine.
  7. Tennessee Brew

    Adding water and sugar to secondary fermentation

    I just did the same with a peach wine because I wanted more ABV. No water addition, just sugar. I think I may have to pitch a tad bit of yeast to start this back up. An old wine maker told me you cant really mess anything up by doing this. He also told me that if the fermentation stalls back out...
  8. Tennessee Brew

    Raising ABV after secondary?

    Ok so I intentionally made a low ABV Peach however I really don't like it, it is a little too low, came out about 7-8 percent. So I want to do two things here, bump the peach flavor and bump the ABV. so I figured either a peach concentrate or just get some peaches and go to town smashing like a...
  9. Tennessee Brew

    Wine Question (post fermentation)

    (1) Ok so I fermented 5 gallon of blackberry from Vintners wine base. It been in primary since 10/25 I was going to move it to a secondary but didn't have the carboys free. Should be ok right? (2) I want to do this one right so should I add potassium sorbate before I bottle this? Someone told me...
  10. Tennessee Brew

    Malt in wine?

    Ive never tried this, I love the taste of malt and I just started a Black plum and Nectarine wine. I thought about stalling out the fermentation just short of finishing and then adding some malt for flavor and sweetness. Anyone ever done this? Sounds tasty as moms plum pie :D I may do this and...
  11. Tennessee Brew

    Affordable Home Brew Supplies

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I have a shop in Knoxville but its a 45 min drive for me and I'm hardly ever going that way. I actually thought about opening a shop here, I'm not exactly poor as much as I am cheap lol. It seems brewing is a big thing, maybe starting a shop is a good idea lol
  12. Tennessee Brew

    Affordable Home Brew Supplies

    Ive been scouring the internet and figured I would ask here. Where is the best place to get home brew supplies? Not equipment but malts, grains etc. Im not sure if mention of a particular supplier is within the rules so I will leave it here for now. Im a poor boy so saving is critical for me.
  13. Tennessee Brew

    Pulp or Juice?

    Im planning to start a cider in a few days so I was wondering, Is it better to press and just use the juice or use the pulp as well? Ive also heard of some folks cooking the apples down but to me it seems that might mess with the flavor im looking for. I like a tart apple cider, I made one with...
  14. Tennessee Brew

    Star San to Sanitize Brew Water?

    This thread sort of peaked my curiosity. I am a survivalist so naturally this got me to thinking, if you had water out of a pond, lake or stream, would star san kill purify that water for drinking purpose? Would probably taste crappy but it seems this might work (sorry for bumping an old thread...
  15. Tennessee Brew

    Brewing with Simple Earth 90 Second Rice

    I wonder if this will ferment? Has anyone tried Simple Earth 90 Second. Brown rice? I picked up a bag, I can see nothing about preservatives, was just curious if this will work? It does have canola oil though so that may be a bit nasty :S
  16. Tennessee Brew

    Nice Hoppy Surprise

    Friend of mine was giving up brewing so he tossed me 10 lbs of hops. I have Centennial 4lbs Nugget 3 lbs GR Northern Brewer 3.lbs Never used any of these before but I hear Centennial makes a nice beer. Nugget from what I read makes a very bitter drink? Centennial is 8.7 AA so I am wondering...
  17. Tennessee Brew

    DME No Boil Experiment

    I may do that, I followed one recipe that said boil the DME and it came out a light crisp beer, I went a bit heavy on hops but it wasnt bad at all.
  18. Tennessee Brew

    DME No Boil Experiment

    Ok so I read over and over and pretty much knew myself that you really don't need to boil extract. I got to thinking, perhaps when you do boil it you reduce flavors, so I decided an experiment. Using purified spring water I put little over 1 gallon into my pot. Brown rice was already prepared...
  19. Tennessee Brew

    Copied 1 Gallon Beer Kit Modified (and screwed up) :D

    Yes on one I used plain old brown precooked rice, regular brown rice on the second. Cant really notice much difference between the two other than the plain rice left a bit more residue but no biggies to me. Once done I will filter this so should be fine. Im still learning in all this. Ive made...