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  1. dobe12

    I can control fermentation temperature, now what?

    Sorry, it's been so long, I don't remember. Never took notes either.
  2. dobe12

    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy Round 42!

    Can't say for sure, but it sounds like the order was placed last week. Give Brett a call at BYOB (856)-858-6000
  3. dobe12

    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy Round 42!

    Paid via Paypal. dobe12: 1X BZ-PILS, 1X CM-PALE Total: $90 (Paid $93)
  4. dobe12

    Last week I opened my very own LHBS and I wanted to share some pics

    Congrats on the store and your own business. I've recently been having thoughts of starting my own business as well.... but that's besides the point. I am lucky enough to have several LHBS's relatively close. But I continue to return to one more than the others for one main reason. The owner has...
  5. dobe12

    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy Round 42!

    1x - Best Malz Pils $47 1x - Canada Malting Superior Pale $43 Thank you!
  6. dobe12

    Hefeweizen temp?!

    Agreeing with the others here. Nothing you can do now, but let it ride and drink it. The flavors imparted by yeast and fermentation are created in the first 24-72hrs. Definitely shoot for the mid 60's (66-68F) for the flavor you are looking for. Low 60's is going in the other direction. The...
  7. dobe12

    What is your most useless piece of brewing equipment?

    Pretty much anything for bottling. I hate bottling, rarely do, and when I do I do it from a keg/tap.
  8. dobe12

    Cold Break and Hop Material

    I don't worry about it. I leave as much as I can behind in the kettle, but don't stress if some makes it over to the primary. There is a write on here somewhere where a guy did a test to see what affect trub had on beer clarity. Basically it didn't.
  9. dobe12

    Cane Sugar Addition?

    I use cane sugar in Saisons and sometimes APA's and IPA's to help dry them out. Use it near the end of the boil. Last 10-15min or so. You can definitely add it near the end of fermentation. I've done it both ways, but have yet to notice any sort of difference.
  10. dobe12

    Allergic to grilled cheese sandwiches

    Wish I would have had a prenup that specified grilled cheese sandwiches. What I wouldn't give for a delorean. What I don't get is I enjoy making tuna sandwiches. She enjoys eating tuna sandwiches. So I continue making them. She USED to be AWESOME at making grilled cheese which I really enjoy...
  11. dobe12

    Rye Pale Ale: How much rye?

    Definitely comes down to personal taste. I can't taste less than 20% or so. So I usually use about 30% and have used as much as 50% (part rye malt, part flaked rye) and enjoyed the beer. Others have tried a rye saison I made with 20% rye and thought it was too much. I'd shoot for maybe...
  12. dobe12

    Can I make something of this?

    You could make a lot of stuff, but I wouldn't hold out any hope for that 3 year old smack pack. That yeast is LONG dead.
  13. dobe12

    Fantasy Football 2014 #1

    I agree, but that doesn't make him romo's "most solid target". Agreeing with your points here, but your choice of words completely discounts Dez who's probably the 3rd best WR in the league and easily the best on the team.
  14. dobe12

    Flaked grains - Best practices

    The OP started off asking about flaked grains. Now we have him doing decoctions adding hours to his brew day. Gotta love HBT :mug:
  15. dobe12

    Citra SMaSH

    Yes, how long have the bottles sat? The whole smash thing is a simply a coincidence. Seems like you're really trying to make that the cause, but it's not. The recipe has nothing to do with it. The only time the recipe or fermentation process would come into play is if the beer was very strong...
  16. dobe12

    First BIAB experiment; Need advice

    Maybe not necessarily a mash out, but a quick dunk sparge in a second pot or even a bucket would yield higher efficiency. A little over a year ago I started messing around with full volume mashing (BIAB) w/no sparge. I quickly noticed a significant loss in efficiency. I dropped from around...
  17. dobe12

    First BIAB experiment; Need advice

    What efficiency did you estimate when formulating your recipe? The first and easiest place to look when getting low efficiency is the crush. Hands down... it's the easiest problem to figure out and fix. After that there are LOADS of other possible issues. But start with the crush. Next time get...
  18. dobe12

    Time for Citra addition? (HOPS, HOPS, HOPS!)

    I love Citra, so I say add them at 20, 15, 10, 5, 1, flame out, whirlpool, dry hop, maybe just eat a few pellets for the hell of it, but a few in your sleeping bag and dream about citrusy goodness! But seriously, one rule I started following when blending Citra with other hops is to use about...
  19. dobe12

    Citra SMaSH

    I don't think the 2 are related. If they are, I have no idea why. Carbonation is a product sugar, yeast, and temperature. The recipe shouldn't have anything to do with it. PS: It's not a SMaSH, but my house beer is an all Citra Pale Ale. Absolutely LOVE Citra!!!!