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  1. manoaction

    BREW CPR( Priming)

    What temperature are you storing the beer at? Warm it up into the seventies to possibly wake up the dormant yeast. How long did the beer condition before bottling?
  2. manoaction

    Sugar Additions and Starter Size

    At what point in the process are you adding raw sugar? Your starter only needs to be calculated for the original gravity at time of pitching.
  3. manoaction

    Economics of new cars

    This has always befuddled me as well. A Kia Rio can retail at $18,000 and I just don't know who out there really needs a Kia Rio and can't wait to spend $18,000 on it.
  4. manoaction

    2/10 vs 3/10 EHERMS Wiring Setup

    My electrician friend is coming over to replace the breaker with a GFCI breaker on Wednesday. I'll have him do all of the testing to make sure we're good to go.
  5. manoaction

    2/10 vs 3/10 EHERMS Wiring Setup

    I popped the cover on the outlet and there is a ground wire in there to go with the other three. It looks like I just need to grab a four prong outlet and I'm in business.
  6. manoaction

    2/10 vs 3/10 EHERMS Wiring Setup

    Wow, that sounds absolutely disastrous. Thanks for all of the help guys, this answered my questions.
  7. manoaction

    2/10 vs 3/10 EHERMS Wiring Setup

    That does sound clunky. I'm not an electrician, so I'm curious why you can't use neutral as a ground even if you’re running a 120V application like a pump? In fact, the second cord for a ground seems like it would blow the GFI because there would be juice going out that was grounding...
  8. manoaction

    2/10 vs 3/10 EHERMS Wiring Setup

    2/10 vs 3/10 EHERMS Wiring Setup I have a 50 amp panel outlet in my garage, and I also came into possession of a 50 amp GFCI breaker for my box. The problem is that the outlet is a dryer outlet with 2 hots and 1 ground. Before I call out an electrician to install the GFCI breaker that...
  9. manoaction

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway ?

    Wait a minute... There seems to be some mistake. My name isn't listed in the winners list. Who do I PM to fix this?
  10. manoaction

    First Attempt at Bresaola

    Hmm.... Well, we're at a dump or salvage decision. The meat looks fine, but after double checking the ingredients and looking up synonyms, the cure I used is #1 instead of #2. No nitrates, just the nitrites. I'm not worried about Botulism since the meat hasn't ever been warmer than 36...
  11. manoaction

    second brew-my notes

    Well the hour to chill is something that you'll definitely want to fix. More importantly, how were your gravities? Did you hit your expected OG despite teh extra 1/2 gallon of fluid?
  12. manoaction

    First Attempt at Bresaola This is pretty great post on Bresaola and he is using #2 salt as well. He's also using a non-standard cut of beef like I am. His ratio of #2 Pink to Kosher is about 10% of the kosher salt, so I'm feeling pretty good with...
  13. manoaction

    First Attempt at Bresaola

    I should have clarified. It's not being stored in a crawlspace. I have it covered in a drainer in my beer fridge. The temp has been between 35-40 and the humidity has been above 70% the whole time. It's not getting hard or dry, the meat has stayed damp and the rub has stayed the consistency...
  14. manoaction

    How many rhizomes per string

    I've moved onto a couple dozen plants that grow in a square to make a little building. In their prime, they grow so fast they are the perfect plant for a person without patience.
  15. manoaction

    First Attempt at Bresaola

    I grabbed a bag of DQ Curing Salts or pink curing salts. I saw other recipes recommended 6% of your normal salts should be nitrite salts. So I balanced my cure recipe to match. Washed my meat, patted dry and then re rubbed and put back in the drainer. So far it doesn't smell like anything...
  16. manoaction

    How many rhizomes per string

    I was surprised how noticeable it is. It really looks like tentacles reaching out and feeling for something to grab onto.
  17. manoaction

    This is why I brew alone

    *sad music plays* And here I thought I was immune. :(
  18. manoaction

    Bottled a week ago, sediment/swirliness in bottle

    At two weeks or so (don't pretend that you're not going to open another one, we've all been there :) ), you'll get a lot of foam that quickly goes flat. The CO2 is produced in the first few days to a week, but it is the absorption of the gas into the beer that you're waiting on. Even with...
  19. manoaction

    Hard water hurting efficiency?

    Well. Your Bicarbonate is pretty high, but you water is pretty straightforward other than that. Bicarbonate will act as a buffer resisting the ph drop caused by the acid in your malt. Unaltered, you'll probably have better luck with beers that have high amounts of roasted or darker malts...
  20. manoaction

    This is why I brew alone

    Bummer. :( For the pain and suffering of replacing the element and hampering a brewday, have you thought about going with the Camco ULD? $23 at Amazon right now. No more popping...