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  1. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Don't Do That.

    The beer geysers are why I'm reluctant to try the 'shake and bake' method of force carbing.
  2. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Modulating a ebiab to a 3 vessel system

    Paging Marvin Martian... (sorry couldn't resist)
  3. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Putting Ice in the Wort to Cool

    Adding ice directly to the wort post boil will screw up your original gravity by diluting the wort. +1 on all the other comments regarding the risk of infecting the wort. It's not worth the risk.
  4. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Best News Headlines

    Just when you think you've seen everything, along comes a headline like this...
  5. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    how about a meme generator thread...

    Inspired by the Matrix 4 trailer...
  6. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Must see YouTube Clips

    They're building a 'diverging diamond interchange' here in Jackson at the junction of Interstate 94 and US-127 just north of town. Just can't wait to hear about the one inevitable idiot not paying attention who manages to turn it into a multi car pileup.
  7. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Must see YouTube Clips

    I'm cautiously optimistic, as a good friend of mine from California already raised the question 'How many movies that use the word 'Resurrection' in the title have really ever been successful?'. That being said, there's already several theories circulating as to how Neo has returned. Theory...
  8. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Don't Do That.

    Put the second keg from the last batch of homebrewski on CO2 to carbonate using the 'set it and forget it' method, assuming that all the clamps and various keg connectors on the hoses are good and tight, only to return sometime later and discover each gauge on your regulator reading ZERO. Begin...
  9. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Best News Headlines Squall line moving through Michigan right now.
  10. Snark_Wolf_Brewing

    Odd Ingredient Help: Mac'n'cheese Powder

    Welcome to Homebrewtalk. :thumbsup: :bigmug: