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  1. Davefox15

    What's your profession?

  2. Davefox15

    I've got too many hops I need to use up!

    ok so i would say find a double IPA recipe and just exchange hops that you have for hops that they have..the best part of brewing is to imagine something...and then make it happen...certain hops or better as full boil for bitter and others or better for late additions that give you a better...
  3. Davefox15

    Help please - brewing right now

    i go lighter or like MCkunckle said just boil it for a bit longer..lower volume but higher OG
  4. Davefox15

    Morning all !! So some how I got a hop pellet in the house and my 1 year old

    i went on a brewery tour once and the tour guide gave each person a hop pellet to "munch" on when we got to the hop house....other then it didn't taste great there was no problems...there were even kids on our tour
  5. Davefox15

    Darker than expected

    Lets look for at the steeping of the you steep them for the time stated and then lift the muslin bag tutor do ou leave it in longer or squish i around or even ring it out?
  6. Davefox15

    beginer all grain question

    Honestly the easiest way to answer that is to be lazy and let a brew software like beer smith2 tell you.. you add everything into it and it tells you how much to use and the temps and the times...easy easy
  7. Davefox15

    Several newbie brew questions

    gotta brew two with each yeast strains...:rockin:
  8. Davefox15

    Where to buy mead?

    Agree with above...find a liquor store but first i would try a nicer wine shop
  9. Davefox15

    First brew.

    I topped of straight from the tap all the time while i was doing extract...never had a problem.
  10. Davefox15

    Several newbie brew questions

    First...Good luck with your first batch....You should have no problem using the stove top. I use the electric stove top all the time...just turn it on high and let it rip... I like the Wyeast cause it comes in the burst package but i have used the white labs also on some and don't have anything...
  11. Davefox15

    Brewery names--what's your story?

    1601 Brew Co. - a lot f people think it is a throw back to colonial times like Sam Adams or Thomas Hooker....But actually when i reserved the name there as 1600 active breweries in the i took 1601...why not...
  12. Davefox15

    Noobiest of all noob questions, how long are things sanitary?

    my favorite response to that question was answered by the master brewer that taught me...Things are sanitary until they are not.....he also used that for cooking too... how long do i cook this for...till its done.. i usually sanitize right before i use it..when in doubt...wash it and sanitize...
  13. Davefox15

    What craft beer do you secretly despise?

    DFH 60 or 90 or 120 for me....why do people love that stuff so much...
  14. Davefox15

    My keg beer is flat, help

    I know that forced carb is all the rage and a great idea but i never have a problem when i use priming sugar. 4.3 ozs and can usually pour it without gas in the beginning. yeah it takes little longer but I'm usually a couple kegs in front of what drinking so it can age in the keg for a couple...
  15. Davefox15

    Full bottle storage?

    either what they came in or something that yo finished off from the mean i have to drink more...damn...and as for storage...basement...
  16. Davefox15

    Got evicted because of brewing

    The bathroom is the only place i can get some quite. I have narrowed the equation down more to the toilet I guess so if the toilet is in the middle of the room then i consider that room the entire bathroom...still the quite place. if i could get my brewery in there i would have quite all the...
  17. Davefox15

    First Brew; first crack of the lid

    Looks good. congrats on our will find out that you can be a lot lazier that you thought. let it sit and relax...listen to the others guys don't need to check it that fast, but i can't blame you for wanting t know if your on track..i usually go a week without checking then...
  18. Davefox15


    I usually do all grain brews but sometimes, especially with friends or when i want any easier recipe i go back and do an that case you can reuse the muslin bag for the grain...just wash it out really good...and watch online at certain HB sites when thy have their big sales, usually...
  19. Davefox15

    Your favorite type of drinking glass?

    I have been using a mason jar with the emblem of the USS Miami on it. Or a pint glass or stein.
  20. Davefox15

    Please Help!

    I Agree with looks like you should wear the emergency locator...even in the house..