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  1. JasontheBeaver

    Faux Ice Cider

    Thanks for this. Love a great ice cider
  2. JasontheBeaver

    Temp of beer when calc'ing priming sugar

    Well, another thing I didn't consider is you probably wouldn't be bottling at 30F anyway, you want to have the beer at your conditioning temp especially if you're adding fresh yeast. I've been brewing for years but have just now begun to get back into bottle conditioning in an attempt to take my...
  3. JasontheBeaver

    Temp of beer when calc'ing priming sugar

    Exactly! I guess I just couldn't find the "countless times". Thanks man!
  4. JasontheBeaver

    Temp of beer when calc'ing priming sugar Pretty much every...
  5. JasontheBeaver

    Temp of beer when calc'ing priming sugar

    No one seems to address this and I can't find a definitive answer... My concern is that when using a priming sugar calculator that considers the temp of the beer, is that number going to be accurate no matter what fermentation temperature regimen the beer has gone through? The theory is that...
  6. JasontheBeaver

    Temperature stratification in conical fermentor

    Interesting thread because I've been looking at buying a 15 gallon conical with a very similar setup to the OP and it kept nagging at me that stratification might be a problem. I like the heating pad around the base cone area solution for heating, but usually it's cooling that I'll need so...
  7. JasontheBeaver

    add rice hulls to decoction?

    Digging up a year-old thread here but it's pertinent to many brewers... Yooper I disagree that decoction doesn't change the structure of the grain. I've learned this from personal experience while doing many decoction mashes. There is always quite a bit more sludge that leads to a stuck...
  8. JasontheBeaver

    Ultimate Sparge Arm on a Keggle

    I like this copper fly sparge arm you made. Looking at the pics it's hard to tell what you used to clamp to the pipe and rest on the edge of the keggle. Can you help me with this please? Jason
  9. JasontheBeaver

    Jockey Box Build - Vintage Thermos Ice Chest

    About to build my own nostalgic jockey box so this is a cool thread to find. I was wondering why you chose to install the 1/4"x1/4" flare fittings instead of just connecting your beer tubing directly to your coils and running them out the back through drilled holes?
  10. JasontheBeaver

    Would you pitch this whole jar?

    I calculate that you need to pitch 123 billion cells into 2 gallons of 1.086 ale wort. Using the estimate of 2 billion cells per ml slurry you could say you have around 600 billion cells in there total. I say you would be WAY over pitching if you dumped the whole thing in. Over pitching is...
  11. JasontheBeaver

    Stainless Hop Spider and Cold Break

    Just stumbled across this thread. Very interesting! I'm surprised no one else has chimed in about their experiences. I am thinking about buying a stainless spider and a corny dry hop spider from Utah Filter soon.
  12. JasontheBeaver

    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    I think you are undercarbing to begin with. I usually go with 20psi at around 40-45F depending on the style of beer. Google "carbonation volume chart" for a handy reference for this sort of thing.
  13. JasontheBeaver

    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    If you use this method to pour directly into a glass and it foams too much then maybe you're over carbonated in the keg? You're asking the right questions. I've bottled several award winning beers this way.
  14. JasontheBeaver

    Worried about 2nd brew !

    This early in your brewing career I wouldn't worry about the haze just yet. Get your process down before you go tweaking with it. You added quite a bit more malt and sugar to this second batch, what did that do to your original gravity? What is the gravity now? Also, I know Safale says you can...
  15. JasontheBeaver

    question about time in secondary

    Right off the bat I recommend getting an additional vessel for primary fermentation so you're not rushing your beers. 4 days in primary then racking to secondary is way too fast. If this is your first beer, take your time and do it right. Why rush this batch to make another when you're only...
  16. JasontheBeaver

    After 2 years I finally had my first boil over!

    This sucker boiled over so fast I would've needed a garden hose of starsan. I just need to watch and quickly adjust my burner at that moment I think.
  17. JasontheBeaver

    After 2 years I finally had my first boil over!

    Oh well at least it's just a sweet stout so it's not like THAT should be very sticky. Ah the smell of burnt sugar on a hot day... :cross: As soon as it happened I thought I heard a faint "hooray!" from somewhere just outside my garage where it occurred. Later I figured out it was the resident...
  18. JasontheBeaver

    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    1)I always make sure my beer is a tad overcarbed because you will always lose a little in the bottling process. 2) Your reason #2 added to your problem for sure. 3) Cap each one as you go, don't fill a bunch then go back and cap. 4) Chilling the bottles will help keep down the foam, but don't...
  19. JasontheBeaver

    My skeeter pee fermentation time line

    My first skeeter pee batch now smells like rubber. I followed the recipe exactly until it hit 1.000 when I siphoned it into a glass carboy. Then I forget about stabilizing it and let it sit for 2 weeks before degassing it and now notice the dreaded rubber smell. Ahhhh dammit! I'm used to...