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  1. Cookiebaggs

    Do u taste ur brew during conditioning?

    I just bottled and kegged an amber ale last night. The last hydo sample I tried was great. I expect it to taste the same in a couple of weeks with the only change being it's now carbed.
  2. Cookiebaggs

    Removing stickers from cornie kegs

    +1 to the Goof Off and razor blade.
  3. Cookiebaggs

    Best mini fridge for kegerator?

    The alcove I framed out under the bar allows for 4-5" on all sides of the fridge. So far no problems w/ventilation. I used a 2' section of flexable pool pump hose I got at the hardware store to enclose the lines from the top of the fridge to the tower. I then bought some foam pipe...
  4. Cookiebaggs

    Best mini fridge for kegerator?

    I have the Danby DAR482BL. It has worked great for me. This guy has a nice write up on the Danby conversion as well.
  5. Cookiebaggs

    Kolsch this normal?

    Been brewing Kolsch beer for several years now and I've noticed that the 2565 holds on to its krausen longer than a typical 1065 yeast. I have a washed 2565 that is 3 years old. It takes another day on the stirplate to wake it up but it has preformed great for me. In fact, the last Kolsch I...
  6. Cookiebaggs

    Kolsch this normal?

    Patience grasshopper.... I wouldn't worry about it. Keep that Kölsch yeast at 60º for another week then take a gravity reading to see where it's at. I also wouldn't worry about the bucket and lid. As long as you don't keep opening it, the headspace should be mostly CO2. Lately I have...
  7. Cookiebaggs

    The Twelve Hopostles

    What yeast were you going to use on all of these?
  8. Cookiebaggs

    First 10 Gallon Batch

    Ball valve with pickup tube and an electric bowl lift. :D
  9. Cookiebaggs

    Long primary vs. Secondaries

    Long primary 3-4 weeks. Secondary for dry hopping, cold crash to clear, or need to free up primary fermenters so I can brew some more! :D
  10. Cookiebaggs

    Blue Moon Clone

    I know this question was for wayne but I've brewed this twice and both times it has been pretty much spot on.
  11. Cookiebaggs

    One thing you'd tell a NEWB

    I've been brewing beer since 1993 and use bleach and water for sanitation. I rinse all my carboys, tubing, racking cane, air locks, bottling wand, etc. with tap water before using it. I've never had an infected batch. RDWHAHB....
  12. Cookiebaggs

    Coriander Seeds

    +1 Does a stellar job.
  13. Cookiebaggs

    Having kidney problems, everyone blaming homebrew

    I was the same for a 5 year stretch. I would pass 1-2 two stones a year. Then, it went away and I haven't had one now going on 6 years. I had been trying to pass a stone for a week by popping pain pills and drinking water. It just wasn't working. I went on the the web and found a found a...
  14. Cookiebaggs

    Hole Saw or step drill

    That's all I used to drill my keg. Use some machine oil to help the bit cut and use enough pressure to let the bit do most of the work. Also, a metal punch and a hammer helps make a starter dimple so the pilot bit doesn't walk around when starting.
  15. Cookiebaggs

    Please walk me through fly sparge...

    Sounds like you are skipping the mashout step in your mash schedule and trying to use the 180º sparge water to raise the grain bed temperature.
  16. Cookiebaggs

    When to go to AG........

    I'd suggest going bigger on the brew kettle to a 15.5 gal converted keg or a 20 gallon kettle. That way you can do 10-11 gallon batches in the future when you decide you want more beer without having farted away money on a 10 gallon kettle. :D
  17. Cookiebaggs

    Its a Sad Day and Prost to the Crew...

    And lighting one cigarette with the other. I'll raise a pint to Capt. Phil....Fair winds and following seas Captain....
  18. Cookiebaggs

    Software for first time AGer?

    Yeah, all that's on Promash too.
  19. Cookiebaggs

    Software for first time AGer?

    +1 on all of that! I also like software because I can keep detailed notes of a brew session from brew day through fermentation, bottling/kegging, and tasting notes. I like being able to compare with beers I brewed several years ago.
  20. Cookiebaggs

    Super Bowl commercials...

    After seeing the green police commercial, I wanted to go burn some plastic.